Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Separate Yourself from Other Men

Outreach – 12 years ago
This post is another rerun. It is from 2007, when I was still gainfully employed.

I am at work.

I just took a break from writing a software user manual and checked my e-mail. For the umpteenth time, I received another e-mail advertisement reminding me to "separate yourself from other men."

Believe me, I try to separate myself from other men in ways that the average man never dreams of. Rather than using a penis enlargement patch, I separate myself from other men by applying makeup, squeezing into a bra and girdle, slipping into a sexy dress, high heels and blond wig.

Yes, I am at work writing another user manual for software that monitors and controls high tech equipment that only an electrical engineer would find interesting.


I would much prefer writing womanly words, i.e., words about feminine finery, en femme outings, flirting encounters of the passing kind... you know, those girly things that separate me from other men.

Source: Pinterest
Wearing Aldo high heels (Source: Pinterest)

Kazik Mazur
Kazik Mazur femulates Halina Frąckowiak on Polish television's version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.


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  2. Well I have now taken the big step and totally separated myself from "other" men. Don't get me wrong I love men, I just couldn't be one any more.