Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Finding Girls & Boys

In October 2017 (can it be that long ago!), I wrote about Girls & Boys, "a short 2015 Swedish film that depicts high school life in a matriarchy, 'a world where girls are hunters and boys are the catch.'" There is a trailer and a teaser for the film online, but nowhere could I find how to view or purchase the film itself.

Over the weekend, my post about the film received an anonymous comment indicating that the film was now available for rental and purchase from Vimeo for $3 and $6 respectively. I immediately went to Vimeo, purchased the film, downloaded it and watched it.

Girls & Boys is not a crossdressing film per se; rather it is a gender role reversal film with males dressing and acting like 21st Century females and females dressing and acting like 21st Century males except that no one reconfigures their body to emulate the opposite sex as crossdressers do; males do not wear falsies and hip pads and the females do not bind their breasts.

The film was as good as its trailer and teasers suggested. And it had English subtitles for those not Swedish-conversant.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company (Source: New York & Company)

Girls & Boys
One of the boys in Girls & Boys, a 2015 Swedish film


  1. I'll have to check it out. Now if I could only find a copy of the German film RUBBEL DIE KATZ(sp) - either in English dub or with subtitles.

  2. The current episode of the Showtime program SMILF depicts all the women as being in the male role and the men in the female role.It's set in a "wild west" town. The men aren't in pretty dresses like the one shown in the "Girls & Boys" photo, but acting, wearing makeup and adorned in femininity. In the saloon, some men are hookers. A very interesting approach, and it underlines the cultural norm: the people "in charge" are masculine and wear men's clothing and the "subservient" people are feminine. Just because "we've always done it that way", does it really have to be that way?

  3. here...


  4. You’ve made me a very happy girl!! I’ve been searching for the full movie since the day you originally posted the link to the trailer! I’ve emailed the production team and chased up film festivals to no avail. But now here it is!! Woohoo!! Thanks Stana.
    Imogen from Australia

  5. Dear Stana,

    I bought a brand new Blu-Ray of RUBBEL DIE KATZ a few years ago. Blu-Ray discs work in any Blu-Ray player in any country (unlike DVDs, which can be location dependent). I can heartily recommend this Blu-Ray. It has a pristine, sharp-focus image with beautiful color. Like the product listed in the Amazon link, mine has German-language packaging. The soundtrack is in German, but in setup, you can choose English subtitles. The techinical quality of this Blu-Ray is PERFECT ... one of the best Blu-Ray presentations I own. There are interesting, fun “extras”, but English subtitles are not available for the extras.

    The protagonist is a very good looking “pretty boy” actor, and he looks lovely as a woman. There are many feminine outfits that he wears in the film. Aside from the excellent technical quality of the presentation, the story and scenes are delightful.