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Newly-wed femulation (October 1983)
Newly-wed femulation (October 1983)
In last Thursday's post about revealing yourself to your spouse, I wrote, "I flew blindly as I dated and married, never telling my bride what was going on until she confronted me after another Halloween fling as a girl."

Alyson commented, "I would love to hear more about the the time your wife confronted you."

So here's the story.

I dated my future wife for nearly three years before we married and during that time, I stopped crossdressing completely, which supported the urban legend that marriage would cure crossdressing. So I did not tell my bride about my crossdressing past because I was cured and why spoil a good thing.

While we were dating, my future bride did see an old photo of me crossdressed for a Halloween party, so she did know I crossdressed once.

We wedded in late September and got invited to a Halloween party in October.

I reopened Pandora's Box when I suggested that we attend as a crossdressed couple, me as a she and my wife as a he.

My wife dressed like a workman with a fake mustache and looked like one of the Mario Brothers. I dressed as a blond office girl and looked so convincing that another guest wanted to know why I wasn't in costume.

So now my wife knew I crossdressed twice.

In the meantime, I started crossdressing at home with full steam ahead and when the next Halloween party came up, I suggested crossdressing again and donned my French maid costume to show my wife what I intended to wear.

Initially, my wife was mum, but two or three days later over dinner, she asked, "Do you like to wear women's clothes more often than Halloween?"

I told her the truth and she was very supportive. She bought me lingerie and jewelry and suggested that I find a support group, which I did and the rest is herstory.

Truth be told, over the years, my wife's support has ebbed and flowed. She would prefer that I was not a femulator, but she accepts her girly hubby's "hobby" and life goes on.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Michelle Mason (Source: Intermix)

Bernard Cribbins
Bernard Cribbins cuts a fine figure in the 1964 British film Carry On Spying.


  1. When my wife-to-be and I were dating and things were starting to get serious, I decided to tell her right up front about my cross dressing. She took it well, and a day later presented me with a beautiful nightie. A few days later she told me she got it for me as a test. She thought maybe I was telling her I was a cross dresser to try and get out of the relationship! When she realized I was serious,she accepted it and we have been happily married for 22 years. Her involvement in Julie's life has gone through stages, but she is supportive.

  2. Cured? YES! Well, for maybe a week ;-)
    "Welcome to the HOTEL CALIFORNIA,
    Where you can check-out anytime you like,
    But you can never leave."

  3. Mighty nice outfit, young lady. I'm with that guy who wanted to know why you weren't wearing a costume!

  4. There were a few confrontations, 1st was my mother,who told me young boys don't dress like that. The one I really feared was my father later in life as a widower, in 2004,he disowned me and cut off my inheritance! And the strange one was the wife, who at first was accepting, then one day did a 180 and became my ex! and now they're all gone from my life. All that's left is my sister,who me and her never got along with anyway.

  5. My wife was also supportive. While I never dressed up completely as a woman. When we met she saw a few things in my closet. I liked wearing panties, leggins and leotards and tights. I also had a french maid outfit that I wore for her and served he dinner. After we were married she started buying me panties and leotards and some leggins. Then she bought be some lingerie i the form of lace teddies with garters and stockings and a pair of hi heels. She never even tried to hide it when her friends came over and saw me in lingerie or my leotards and tights. She signed me up for a ballet class so I can wear my leotards there and she makes me wear my leggins when we go out to the mall or just running errands. She just recently bought me a mini skirt and made me wear it with pantyhose, heels and a blouse and took me to the mall but she's not too keen on letting me wear makeup or lipstick so I look like a guy when I go out in feminine clothes.