Thursday, March 7, 2019

Being Tall

Kate Walsh
Actress Kate Walsh, a new addition to my list
I am over six feet tall, so when I femulate, I am a tall woman.

About the time I started femulating in my early teens, I became interested in tall women because they affirmed my existence as a tall woman, i.e., I was not the only tall woman out and about in society. Few were as tall as me, but maybe there were enough out there so that I could blend in more easily as just another tall woman.

In the past, tall women tried to blend in with their shorter sisters, so they dressed down (pun intended); instead of celebrating their height, they tried to hide it (to appear less intimidating to men).

Also, tall women did not have a lot to choose from clothes-wise. Few clothiers catered to tall women, so tall women had to make do with what was available, which typically did not celebrate tall women's height.

Today, tall women are out and proud and celebrate their height. They have more clothing to choose from now that more clothiers recognize their potential as customers. They no longer dress down to hide their height. They wear high heels and leg baring skirts and dresses. They don't care if
they are intimidating. They've come a long way!

It is a great time to be a tall woman, or a tall femulator.

In celebration of tall females, I created Famous Females of Height, which is a list of tall females of notoriety that I update as I discover additional famous females of height.

In case you just tuned in, you may wonder how my Famous Females of Height list relates to the topic of this blog. The purpose of my Famous Females of Height list is to show that there really are a lot of tall genetic women out there and therefore, height should not be a deterrent to femulators going out en femme.

Wearing Sherri Hill
Wearing Sherri Hill

Tony Midnite
Tony Midnite, mid-20th Century professional femulator


  1. Love those tall long legged women and femulators!

  2. As a fellow tall femulator (6'5" bare foot) I have always lived by your saying of "my dress isn't too short, my legs are too long." It's just too much fun in heels and a cute outfit to worry about the haters. Head up, boobs out and smile, you will rock that look.

  3. As an active supporter of Maryland's Volleyball and women's Basketball teams, I find myself looking up from my 6' stance at these tall -- and gorgeous -- athletes. I can remember how tall girls slouched back in the 1950's, 60's and into the 70's. But the woman's movement and working for the ERA changed things. Not only did women "burn their bras", they stood up straight! Title 9 passed and these tall women got equality in athletics and "tall" was finally good. And now we are out there femulating with women who can look us in the eye, often when we're in heels.

    I remember my first CD/TS meeting. Like most of us, I felt I was sticking out, but there were ladies taller than me and right then I made sure my posture was straight and tall, as I still do today. Thanks, Shana, for making this good point.

    Don't forget this: if you slouch around all the time, those chiropractor bills are right around the corner!

  4. Weather you are tall or not, the important thing is that you stand tall. Self confidence is the great equalizer.

  5. Although not quite in your league at 5ft 10in I'm definitely a tall woman, and I often feel self conscious of that, on a recent trip to Amsterdam with my daughter she noticed that people kept looking at us "Welcome to my World!" But the Dutch are the tallest people in the World and I was more than average, we eventually realised that it was my (5ft 1in) daughter who was attracting attention, we think she may have been the only person in the whole City with blue hair!

  6. Ultimately, "A 'mans'[sic]stature is measured from the neck up". --- Maybe, 'except in stilettos'. --- Original quote from an acquaintance, a 5 foot tall 747 pilot....
    --embellishment is mine--. Velma, 6'-0(without heels)

  7. Stana, your last posting was March 7. Today is March 11. I'm concerned something bad happened to you or your wife. It's not like you to skip posting for 4 days.


    1. My wife and I are OK. Thank you for your concern, John.