Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ask Me Anything

Whenever I do outreach or a workshop like the one I conducted at the True Color Conference on Friday, I begin by saying, "You can ask me anything." (You can also ask me anything by e-mail.)

My standing offer resulted in questions at my workshop and by e-mail. I have answered these questions here in the past, but these three come up so often that I am rerunning them today.

What do you recommend for developing a feminine voice?  

I highly recommend Melanie Anne Phillips' female voice course "Melanie Speaks."

Practice, practice and practice. It took three weeks of practice for 30 minutes every day before my feminine voice arrived, but it was worth the wait because it was amazing!

What do you recommend for hiding a beard?

After a close shave using a shaving gel (like Edge) and a multi-blade manual razor (like Gilette's Fusion), apply a beard cover to your muzzle. Then apply your usual foundation over the beard cover.

For beard cover, I highly recommend RCMA BC2, which is available from Alcone. It is expensive, but lasts forever because a little goes a long way.

I was looking at your photos online. How did you achieve your amazing cleavage?

Since puberty, I have had boobs. I assume I have gynecomastia, but I never sought out medical help for the "problem," so I don't know for sure.

Anyway, my breasts fill a B cup bra, so it does not take much to femulate cleavage when I wear something revealing. I just add a little padding to push my girls up and closer together and the results are fabulous!

Source: Romwe
Wearing Romwe (Source: Romwe)

Shpat Kasapi
Shpat Kasapi femulates Marylin Monroe on Albanian television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. Stana, I am grateful that you let us on the secret of your feminine voice. I have been wondering about buying Melanie Speaks and was waiting on finding a recommendation from soemone, like you, who has tried it and found it useful. I do not practice what feminine voice skills I have enough and in real live situations I lack confidence. The two are probably related. I must apply myself more.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Melissa - For my review of the course, click here.
      Good Luck - Stana

  2. I have been enjoying your blog for a long time. I wonder what is your ultimate goal in femulateing?

    1. Good question, Connie. I will answer it in a future post.