Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friday Out

Friday, I had lunch with Diana at the Corner Pug Restaurant in West Hartford (yes, it's "pug" not "pub"). Maryann was a no-show.

I wore a Calvin Klein white sweater dress, Payless nude high heels, B. Makowsky black bag, assorted unmentionables and jewelry.

It felt good to get dressed up to go out among the civilians. There was not much civilian interaction at the restaurant except for our 40-something waitress who stared at me intensely each time she came to our table. Don't know if she was checking out my beautiful makeup application or if she was trying to figure out who was under all that makeup. I was not imagining this – there was definitely something going on. It did not make me uncomfortable – I was just curious as to why she was doing it.

A few patrons in the restaurant checked me out when I walked to the ladies' room and to the exit, but I'm used to that. When you are a 6 foot 2 inch tall woman, it occurs often.

After lunch and pleasant conversation, Diana kindly offered to take my photo for the blog (see the photo above).

After more than an hour, we assumed Maryann was a no-show, so we parted ways.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Alexis (Source: Intermix)

Jonathan Prince, Michael Zorek and Matthew Modine
Jonathan Prince, Michael Zorek and Matthew Modine femulating in the 1983 film Private School.


  1. What a lovely shot of you Stana! It does not look as though you were worried by the civilians in the least. Perhaps they added just a hint of spice to your lunch with Diana? So glad you had a nice time.

    Best wishes


  2. It must have been nice just to get out, some decent company must have made it even better.