Thursday, March 8, 2018

Getting Fit at Vicky's

Stephanie wrote, "Being a larger woman I have problems purchasing the right size bra. The bras max out at 38 for the Victoria's Secrets Bombshell styles. Has that been a problem for most gals or do they deal with a tight fit? I just wanted to know if you have heard from any other women out there? Being shy and trying to get the right size would involve a fitting."

I replied, "A bra fitting would be the best way to find the right size. My niece worked at Victoria's Secret for awhile and the saleswomen were used to fitting both men and women, so don't be shy – go for it, girl!"

Stephanie wrote back a few days later.

I did take your advice and went to Vicky's for a bra fitting. I got the courage up and to this day, I don't know where I got the courage to go in, but I was fed up with ordering bras online only having to return them because the were uncomfortable or I just didn't like the way they looked.

I needed something that made my girls stand out when wearing any of my low-cut dresses and tops and would last all day or through the night if I need them to. I hate tape method and the stick-on strapless would not hold up the whole day and I just don't want to have to deal with having to go through all the trouble. 

I like that you have so much experience and great advice, so I took your advice and went into a Victoria's Secret to have a salesperson size a Bombshell pushup bra and get something that fits me. I picked a Monday morning to visit the mall figuring that I would get in and out before the mall traffic picked up and I could work one-on-one with one of the sales ladies. I'm not passable and I didn't want the added anxiety of trying to femulate and pass along with the bra fitting, so I went in boy mode. 

The mall was empty and when I got Vicky's, there was nobody inside. I walked up to an older sales lady. When I mean "older," she was well into her 30's maybe early 40's. She seemed friendly enough and experienced.

I asked if I can get fitted for a bra. She said of course and had me follow her to the back of the store where there is a sectioned off area just for this purpose. 

Funny how matter of fact she was – like this happens all the time. Turns out that it does as I found out later. 

I thought that once I got past the initial asking part, the rest would be easier and it was! She was extremely helpful and found the right bra. 

During the fitting, we talked about other men coming in and she said that she waits on at least one or two men a week, understands it completely and was willing to help me anytime. She also said that I could call the store and ask for her and she would be more than happy to pull merchandise for me to pick up discretely when I can. 

I purchased several pairs of panties and two great fitting bras that work as well as you have described – one more step towards feeling and looking like the woman I am. 

It is so wonderful having someone with experience sharing advice for us who struggle at times. Although It was a nervous experience at first, I am relieved. 

Now on to the makeup counter!

Source: Bluefly
Source: Bluefly

Womanless beauty pageant contestant
Womanless beauty pageant contestant


  1. One important bit left out: Did you bring your breast forms in with you? velma ddinkley

  2. A great and uplifting post. It really does seem that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  3. Well done Stephanie!
    To me, I found that my first bra fitting was the single biggest step forward I ever made - especially when I tied it in with the purchase of some breast forms.
    I ended up with a bust that looked indistinguishable from the real thing. I went from filling my bra with socks to looking fabulous in a single step. These days sales ladies are used to us and I found them all to be universally helpful and kind.

  4. I've done the makeup counter...will do it again when appropriate. But have never had the courage to do a bra fitting. Maybe my next big project?