Wednesday, March 28, 2018

One Liners

I am working for Uncle Sam this week wrestling with Turbotax.

When we were dating, I gifted my wife with a dress for Easter that she never wore.

I am a sucker for large cap wigs because they are rare and my head is so voluptuous.

Hyacinths I planted last summer are pushing up through the snow.

Slipping my nylon clad legs into a pair of high heel pumps never gets old.

On Saturday I planted green peas, sugar snap peas, arugula, kale, Bibb lettuce and cauliflower seeds in my Earth Boxes and covered them with clear plastic.

Raquel Welch Salsa in Golden Wheat is in the mail.

My Subaru needs to go to the dealer for the airbag recall.

Even though I have been a computer nerd since the 1970's, I still don't get Twitter (#femulate).

I'd wear this!
I'd wear this!

boy ballerinas
Early 20th Century boy ballerinas.


  1. I've never used Earth Boxes, but I've had great luck reusing 5 gallon latex paint buckets (I get them free from a house painter relative). A few drainage holes drilled in the bottom, a little gravel, and then the soil mix with some slow release fertilizer. The plastic pails from 17 lb. cat litter works well too, but the thinner plastic only lasts a couple years before the sun's UV starts breaking them down. Works great for tomatoes, cukes, peppers, and tomatillos.

    Good luck with your veggies and hope it's a bountiful harvest.

  2. "Slipping my nylon clad legs into a pair of high heel pumps never gets old."
    No question.... always a delight :)

  3. I love "voluptuous head"... I myself have a large melon....

  4. Dear Stana,

    I agree about the nylons and pumps. Even more than that, I always love pulling up satiny lace-trimmed nylon tricot panties slowly up my legs and into place, followed by donning a gorgeous lace-trimmed nylon tricot full slip (or half slip for shorter skirts/dresses). All of these wonderful items look so delightfully feminine and they all feel so good.



    1. I’ve always loved that feeling too. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are men who love it. There are women who love it too and women who despise it. I know women who hate skirts so much they don’t even own one. They wouldn’t wear pantyhose and heels if you paid them $1000 an hour. I’ll gladly take the privilege!

  5. Julie M ShawMarch 28, 2018

    I agree about large cap wigs. I have had a few NOT large cap ones that were so tight that I was afraid they would soon POP off my head and shoot right up in the air!