Monday, November 20, 2017

When Nipping's Not Enough

Dear Stana, 

I have been fitted for a Flexees waist nipper at a Lady Grace shop and I found the waist nipper did little for my waist. In your experience, does a high-waist long leg pantie girdle provide a better waist reduction than the waist nipper? I would really like a 2-inch reduction if possible and am looking for the solution. 

Any help would be most appreciated.



Until I received your e-mail, it never occurred to me that a waist nipper might not do much good for some girls.

If you are in good shape and your waistline is not bigger than it should be, using a waist nipper is like carrying coals to Newcastle: you don't have much of anything for a waist nipper to nip. And if the waist nipper doesn't do the job, a high-waist girdle probably won't make much of a difference either.

Since you can't reduce your waistline, you will have to add padding on your hips to widen them and thus, become curvy. (I assume you are already padded somehow up top.)

On the other hand, if you are not thin, then maybe you need something that will tighten up your waist better than a waist nipper. A high-waist girdle may or may not be an improvement over a waist nipper, but I am sure that a lace-up underbust corset would do the job.

I own one, wear it when I need to and it easily reduces my waistline by two inches — probably more. Although tightening the laces of a corset is normally performed by another person, I am able to tighten mine up without assistance, although it is a lot easier if someone else does the honors.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Professional femulation in the 1950's
Professional femulation in the 1950's


  1. I've recently ordered my first proper corset, knowing that it will be for my current overweight size, and that if I lose weight, I'll have to buy smaller ones.

    If you are interested in corseting properly, I'd highly recommend the facebook group "The Tightlacing Society". It is very trans-friendly, and it was advice from there that convinced me to take the plunge and order my first corset.

  2. The only way to have anything near a feminine shape is to become as thin as possible - especially around the middle - and then ADD padding etc. to achieve the required shape. I might suggest that this will involve much trial and error and you need to take as much advice as possible so that you learn and benefit from the mistakes of others. I would pass on the experience that most 'ready made' padding, especially for the hips and rear, will be nowhere near as good as anything that you can make for your own shape. Women have their fat outside of their muscles whereas we men have it mostly underneath. This is why women are able to move it around more easily with foundation garments and achieve a greater shape change than we men. Next time you get you hands on a woman check this out! Also tense your stomach muscles and see where your own fat deposits are situated.

  3. Dear Stana, speaking of femulate of the past, I found these two video of the year 1930 of the British Army. what do you think?

    Bye and kisses