Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Do girdles and longline bras help?

Over the weekend, I received a comment to my Size 14? post from Darianna. I replied to her comment with another comment, but I am expanding that reply here today.

Darianna wrote, "Lately I have become interested in dressing more classy and sophisticated. I just want to ask you, 'Does wearing a girdle and longline bra help very much? Should I buy a Rago body briefer to make slipping on a dress easier or for how it shapes my male body?'

"Thank you, I respect your opinion."

Before I answer your questions Darianna, I want to say that my reply is what works for me and your mileage may, and probably will vary.

Dresses are designed for someone who is curvy, so I wear foundation garments to give me some curves. The longline bra lifts my breasts to make them more perky and tightens the area below my breasts to narrow my waistline. The girdle also flattens my belly and narrows my waistline.

Both the bra and girdle redistribute some of my fat to add to my hips and bust. Note that my natural breasts are big for a boy and nearly fill a B cup bra without assistance.

Anyway, my foundation garments do a good job of giving me a woman's figure that currently fits in a size 14 dress... not a baggy size 14 dress, but rather a size 14 dress that clings and shows off my curves.

Another note: Going from the size 18 and 16 (my sizes for decades) to a size 14 has eliminated all my back fat, which also eliminated the Spanx cami I had to wear to smooth out my back fat.

Without foundation garments, I would have to purchase larger sizes to fit my non-curvaceous body, that is, to fit around my waistline. Problem is that the larger sizes are still designed for a curvy body, so the larger size would fit my boyish waistline, but would be too big in the bust and hips — not a look I am trying to achieve.

So for me today, a girdle and a longline bra provide the best possible femulation.

Regarding body briefers, I have found that they do not do a good job of shaping me. I need something that is not so brief in its shaping powers — something more substantial like a longline bra and girdle.

If you are new to foundation garments, I recommend getting fitted by a pro in order to get the correct sizes. Look up local lingerie stores in the Yellow Pages and feel them out over the phone. Be up front and tell them you crossdress. Most are more than willing to help you out (and take your money), but occasionally you may run into a store that is not so open-minded and it is better to find that out over the phone rather than in person.

Good Luck!

Source: Dress Barn
Wearing Roz & Ali (Source: Dress Barn)

Lovely Mindy, a regular reader of Femulate


  1. Whats' a gurl to do after the unwanted bulges have been compressed down? As for the "derriere and hips deficient" among us, has any of the readership employed the 'Veronica' (yes, they used to also have a 'Betty') by Classic Curves? It is a custom made hips and derriere garment that doubles as girdle. Not cheap. Maybe worth it?

  2. i am a small girl 5 7 130 lbs but i do love love my garters

  3. Good advice! I wear a "TRIUMPH" long line bra with a vintage PLAYTEX open bottom girdle. This combination gives me a narrow waist and a flat tummy.

  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2022

    Still wearing a Triumph longline bra. Starten 60 years Argo. M2f. Johanna

  5. With my playtex OBG I wear a long line bra. And although it has underwires and bones running down each side , happily I never feel them. It feels great across the small of my back, while I have always enjoyed the support of the satin type front panel holding my belly in . And nobody need ever worry about their buttocks in a girdle as our backsides are made to put up with a lot - but even there I like the girdle hug. Love the suspenders (garters) and nylons, for me always the best way to dress. I prefer a skirt as I find trousers difficult to get in and out of.

    Women have always been privileged to wear such delightful lingerie, though many don't seem to realise this today.