Saturday, November 4, 2017

Visiting Roz & Ali (Dress Barn), Macy's and Burger King

My last three stops on Tuesday were Roz & Ali (nee Dress Barn), Macy's and Burger King. I will describe them in reverse order.

Burger King

My wife asked me to pick up some fast food from Burger King on the way home, so I stopped at the King closest to my home. Although it was in between lunch and dinner, this King is always busy because it is easy access from Interstate I-84.

I walked in, placed my order, waited 5 minutes for the special no-ketchup Whopper, received my order and exited the premises without incident. I was an invisible older women. Although a couple of guys did check me out briefly, they were younger and probably not interested when they saw I was old enough to be their mother or grandmother!


This was a "I'm feeling so great that I don't want to return to boy mode stop" just to extend my day out. The store was not very busy — just a few older women like me perusing the racks. A couple of sales reps greeted me, but that was the extent of my interaction with any living beings.

I did find a beautiful Calvin Klein dress that was marked down considerably and I thought about trying it on, but I did not for reasons you will read below.

Roz & Ali (nee Dress Barn)

I visited my favorite Dress Barn — the one near my former employer where they know me in boy and girl mode — also where I filled out a job application.

I know the manager and sales rep who were on duty by name and they know me by name. I had conversations with both of them about the store's name change and I also asked the manager about my job application. She said they weren't hiring right now because they had closed three other local Dress Barns during the summer.

Perusing the racks, nothing knocked me out, but I found two dresses in Misses size 14 that had potential and the sales rep opened a changing room for me. First I tried on the floral print you see in the photo above. It fit perfectly and I was surprised how much better it looked on me than on the rack! It was a keeper.

The second dress was a sexy black number — something I could see Sophia Loren wearing to a funeral. The top of the dress was too small and I could not zip it up. The sales rep found one in Woman's size 14W, which I was able to zip up easily, but it was too roomy in the waist, so I rejected it and went home with just one new dress to add to my wardrobe.

By the way, the reason I did not try on the Calvin Klein dress in Macy's was because changing out and back into a skirt suit was so time-consuming at Dress Barn that I did not want to repeat it at Macy's. Removing the jacket, skirt and blouse was easy enough, but putting everything back on was a harder because the blouse had a lot of finicky buttons, so I did not think it was worth it especially since I had just bought a new dress at Dress Barn.

Hair Salon Redux

Thursday, I had an appointment for a haircut at the salon I visited on Tuesday. My hairdresser, Miss K, was off on Tuesday, so after she seated me at her station, she said, "I'm sorry I missed you on Tuesday. The girls said you were beautiful."

So I immediately retrieved my iPhone and showed her my photo that Miss C took on Tuesday.

She took my iPhone, examined the photo closely and remarked, "You look like a businesswoman."

"That's what I intended."

"You do look beautiful!"


Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Alison on Take Your Authentic Gender To Work Day (aka Halloween)


  1. you make that dress come alive....gorgeous! you get it at Dress barn?

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I bought it at a Dress Barn store. Oddly, the dress is not on their website.

  2. I am so glad to see you getting out and about so often. This has been a great autumn in our area.
    I love that dress. You wear it well.

  3. Wow love that Dress great find!

  4. I love reading your stories, you tell them so vividly. I love that new dress - red really suits you.

    I also understand about that "not wanting to go home yet" feeling. I have taken many an extra trip around the block just to stop from having to go home. This is my recent blog entry telling of a few days I recently spent Out and About.