Monday, November 6, 2017

Notes from Last Week

This post is a follow-up on last week.

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Here is a photo of my table at One Big Event. I am seated third from the left.

The photo appeared on the photographer's website along with other photos from the event. It was reputed that this photo also appeared in the Hartford Courant, but I could not find it.

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Leaving home Tuesday morning, I saw a neighbor working in his yard right along the side of the road. I have known Pete for over 20 years and have had many conversations with him during that time, so we are on a friendly basis. And whenever Pete is working in his yard when I drive by, he always waves (I assume he recognizes the green Subaru I have been driving for over 10 years).

I have never encountered Pete while I was presenting as a woman. I guessed he would see my Subaru approaching and would wave before he saw the driver, which is exactly what happened. I waved back as I passed by him, but I have no idea if he actually saw me or not. (I used to worry about such encounters, but I don't anymore.)

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I did not visit my former workplace on Tuesday as I had originally planned. When I mentioned my original plans to my wife, she asked me if any of my co-workers ever questioned me about my choice of a business woman costume for Halloween five years in a row.

A few co-workers made comments about my costume, but no one ever asked me if there was more to my costume than just a costume. They may have discussed it among themselves, but no one ever brought it up with me.

When I came out to one of my co-workers as being transgender, he remarked that he thought I was "just a crossdresser." And when I came out to my boss, she remarked that she was not surprised. So my co-workers did have opinions on the matter, but they were all very professional and did not say anything to me that would have been inappropriate.

Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard (Source: Veronica Beard)

Lee femulated as a witch to pass out Halloween treats.

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