Friday, November 10, 2017

Halloween Redux

Back to the Bank

I went to my bank yesterday to withdraw money to buy groceries. This is the same bank I visited on Halloween en femme.

The teller (Miss K) was the first woman I saw walking into the bank last week. The other two women staffing the bank were not working when I last visited the bank. One (Miss C) is the teller I often deal with at the drive-through window. The other (Miss L) is the branch manager, who refinanced my mortgage. So they both know me well as a regular customer.

Miss K handled my withdrawal and then she brought up the topic of Halloween. She said my "costume" was the best she had ever seen. Then she asked me if I had a photo on my iPhone so she could show Miss C.

Of course, I did and she called Miss C over to see my photo. Needless to say, she was floored. Then she asked Miss L if she had seen my Halloween costume photo.

Miss L replied, "No, but I heard about it."

Evidently, my costume was the talk of the bank staff. (I dress to impress!)

I showed Miss L my photo and she was amazed, too.

Floral Bell-Sleeve Dress

For what it's worth, the dress (photo right) I bought on Halloween at Dress Barn/Roz & Ali is now on their website

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Arthur Chamski
Arthur Chamski femulates on an episode of Polish television's Your Face Sounds Familiar (Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo).


  1. It now seems that the bank ladies are happy to have Stana as a customer. I would think that any future visits to the bank, whether on Halloween or not, would be favorably received.
    What can I love that dress.

  2. Hi Stana,
    I may have my own Halloween redux.

    On Halloween, I wore my new (to me) suit & blouse, camisole/bra, garter/seamed stockings and heels to work. My wife and I were invited to a dinner buffet after I left work. I was not really comfortable so I ditched the suit and slipped on a pair of pants and an unbuttoned shirt. My suit and the cheapo blonde wig I wore made me feel like I was George Washington in drag. Last year’s look was much more flattering.

    Our hostess was disappointed that I didn't wear my work outfit.
    My wife and her friend have planned a tamale-making event. I've been invited with the stipulation that I wear my Halloween clothes. I think it will be weird to be wearing a business suit to prepare tamales but I’d consider wearing my more casual outfit from 2016. Our friend saw me in that outfit last Halloween. There are things that make me think she may know about my clothing preference.

    The thing is, it won't just be wife and our friend but a group of women in our volunteer group. I'm a bit nervous and concerned about being a joke but I really think it would be fun hanging out with the girls. We'll see...


  3. For my pre Halloween scene, I went out dressed as Scooby Doo's VELMA DINKLEY. Orange sweater, black skirt, large frame black frame eyeglasses high heel black leather boots.
    I visited several retail establishments, one lady commented on my 'nice glasses' (they were large lens, drop temple 'Diana Prince' (aka Wonder Woman 1979 version) which hide a multitude of visual 'sins'.
    The sales clerk at Catherines said I looked 'spot-on' as a woman.
    For a grand finale, I went to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant where I have gone every Sunday for months (as a civilian) to get carryout shushi.
    I walked in got a styro box and picked enough sushi for dinner. The two regular clerks were there, but they did not recognize me.
    This time I paid cash as I did not want to 'tip my hand' by paying with my credit card. I reached into my purse for the cash (my purse! I cannot believe I said that!).
    After paying, I wished both ladies 'Happy Halloween' and turned to leave.... BUT the devil got the best of me and I turned and wished 'Happy Halloween'. I then removed my 'Diana Prince' frames and asked 'Now, do you recognize me'? Of course they did, even though I was not wearing my green 'MACK TRUCK' ballcap!
    The youngest lady recognized me and started talking to the other lady in Chinese. Both were astounded.
    The next weeks 'shushi run' was done in civilian clothes. Situation normal. The young lady did ask how my wife liked the costume, I shrugged and mentioned she did enjoy 'lipstick kisses'!