Thursday, November 16, 2017

Michelle Rose's Story

Dear Stana,

I just wanted to thank you and all the women who have shared their trans experiences on your blog. As for myself and the entire Femulating Sorority, we owe you a debt and our gratitude.

As a long time reader, I look forward to your postings, letters, discussions and resources on presenting with a more feminine appearance. With the information from your postings, a most accepting spouse and a decade of weight loss, I am at long last, comfortable and secure enough to venture out en femme. Well that and my wife's consent! (I'll call here "Donna," but that's not her name.)

Donna has been very accepting of my trans identification and has taught me so much about being a girl. I constantly thank her for showing me all the important "girl stuff." She introduced me to Spanx shapewear and all the other under garments necessary to achieve a more feminine figure.

Over time, following her recommendations, we have put together a pretty complete women's wardrobe. Handbags, scarves, belts, hats, sunglasses and jewelry we can share, but truth be told, she sees right through me whenever I show her the "present" I bought for her!

There were several items specific to trans girls that she was unable to help with. Following your advice, I found a local cosmetician with trans experience. She offered so many tips on shaving, color correction for hiding facial hair, a proper palette for my skin tone, facial contouring and dealing with my close set eyes. After several lessons and lots of practice, the skills necessary to use makeup correctly are now within my grasp!

Also, I located a trans-friendly wig shop. The sales woman was very accommodating and provided time for a private appointment, prior to the store opening! I left with two wigs, all the accessories necessary to style and care for the wigs and a trans-friendly ciswoman for a new friend.

To be certain, it was your confidence-building that motivated me to finally step out. So this past October, I was away on a photography shoot and used the opportunity for my first outing! It was exhilarating! I dressed simply — just a plain black skirt, awhite cotton top (with some pretty lace work on the shoulders, sleeves and cuffs), stockings and black suede pumps. I think I took almost two hours to do my makeup, wig and get dressed.

I really have a thing for silver jewelry and didn't skimp: large teardrop earrings, a chain with my favorite cat pendent (we bought that in Italy years ago), a silver watch, my mother's charm bracelet (she passed away last year) and a few rings. I prepared a set of extra large press-on nails and they worked fine for the evening.

It was so much fun putting all the necessary items in my purse: driver's license, credit and bank card, cash, room key, car key, a wig comb, lipstick and a makeup compact. All dressed up and ready to go, I took a final look in the mirror and walked out the door!

I was terrified in the hall, the elevator and out to my car! Thank the goddess that nobody else was in the elevator! The lobby was busy, but with everybody going about their business, I passed through, unnoticed.

Once outside, the evening air had cooled considerably; how wonderful it was to feel a breeze on my exposed legs. Walking slowly with my best high heel gait, I arrived at the security of my car without event. To be truthful, I was shaking just a little! Driving off, I quickly made a strategic decision and removed my left shoe. Learning to drive in heels just got added to my "to do" list.

Since I was near a national park and had paid the admission fee earlier in the day, I drove to a quiet scenic overlook. It was near twilight when I parked. Leaving the safety of my car, I walked to the overlook.

I passed several people and to my surprise and delight realized that nobody gave me second look! I felt a small, but clear sense of contentment! You see, I was 60 on my last birthday and wanted to do this since I was in my teens. And while not exactly "passing" for a woman, it seems to me, that I am not too ghastly presenting as a woman! At least not in low light and when nobody is paying attention. Oh Happy Days!

I spent  20 minutes or so just savoring the time. It was the most spectacular sunset this girl has ever witnessed! The drive in was almost an hour and since traffic can move at a brisk 35 MPH in national parks, I decided to head back.

On my to the hotel, I went through the drive-in at the local Micky D's. While the girl at the counter did refer to me as "ma'am," the look of confusion on her face was precious! Back in my room, i changed out of my attire and enjoyed a very large glass of wine with my dinner!

Thank you again. All my love,

Michelle Rose (photo below)

Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)


  1. Michelle, You look fantastic. I am so happy you had such a great first time out!
    Michelle in Iowa!

  2. Michelle Rose
    Thank you for sharing your enjoyable outing. It is so nice to read items like this since there are so many of us in this age group who have long had the desire to get out and about. Every step forward is good for you and, to the extent that you may have been clocked, good for others. I think that it is important for the civilian population to become acclimated to us.
    Thanks again,

  3. What a nice story! Keep on enjoying your femininity! :)

  4. Julie M ShawNovember 17, 2017

    Congratulations, Sweetie! The first time is always memorable. Don't think about all the time you may have missed in the past - look to all the experiences you WILL have in the future.