Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The 27%

27% Of Americans Wouldn't Want To Be Friends With A Transgender Person

"A survey by YouGov of more than 2,000 participants found that 27% of respondents were not open to being friends with anyone who identifies as transgender , even though around 40% said they personally know someone who is trans." (Source: Refinery29)

I wonder how many of the 27% have transgender friends and don't know it. 

I wonder how they would answer the survey if a friend came out as transgender.

Most of my friends are still friends after I came out to them as transgender. The only friend I lost was actually my wife's friend, so she was my friend by marriage. Anyway, she dropped us like a hot potato when my wife mentioned that I was trans.

And so it goes.

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  1. if 27% wouldn't then ergo - over 60% would - this is the problem with statistics they can be put in such a way to show the negative rather than the positive !!
    anything that is less than 33% is normally classed as a minority, but the press like to make a mountain out of a mole hill - can you imagine the report saying ‘over 60% of the population support TG individuals’ that would really sell news !
    I think that its great that over 60% of the responses would accept a TG friend - that is the best news possible in the current climate of the TG rollercoaster political perception.

  2. There are probably more than 27% who wouldn't want me for a friend, anyway. Of all the people I know, 73% of them certainly are not what I would consider friends - closer to 5%. Interestingly, the only friend I lost when I started living my life totally in my "chosen gender" is a person I became friends with in a cross dressing group years ago. I guess that I just wasn't fun anymore(?)

    1. Your cd friend is probably a “vanilla crossdresser” by Stana’s own words. When you went full time, she isn’t prepared to follow. This is a common occurance here in my homeland Singapore. Transsexuals tend to NOT get along with cds and tvs.

    2. Interesting thought, Wing, but my friend was a cisgender female.

    3. I think she was referring to my lost friend, Stana.

      I don't know about the different flavors of cross dressers. I do know that, while I did meet my friend when we were both in "girl mode," we also began a friendship as guys. We even worked together occasionally on construction jobs. I was a bit upset when I was "fired" by my friend for showing up as myself. It seems that I could have raised the eyebrow of the client, and so I was not allowed to be on the job site. I call that transphobia under the trans umbrella. I forgave this, and, in fact, never even expressed my feelings about it. I never expected to be followed in my transition, but I don't understand why my decision was not, at least, supported.

    4. Yes, I was referring to FABULOUSCONNIEDEE’s lost friend. Sorry for the confusion, Stana.😅

  3. When we separated, my now-ex spent considerable effort not just outing me but lying to our friends about my hobby. She managed to turn most against me. She tried to tell my family but they didn't want to hear what she had to say. Now she insists there is no such thing as trans, and tells groups that support that nonsense that she was married to someone who thought he was and here's his REAL diagnosis.

    I emphasize "ex".