Monday, January 9, 2017


By Alison, Femulate Guest Columnist

Back in the day, when I started exploring lingerie pictures in catalogs and magazine ads, I used to find reading some of the descriptions almost as interesting as the pics themselves. I'm sure that you have a special place in your heart for phrases like "lift and separate" or for the wonders of fabrics like Dupont Antron3.

I recently found this old Warner's ad on Tumblr. The pic isnt too special, but the words have got to be the most sensuous of any bra ad I've ever read. I hope that whoever came up with this ad copy got at least a week or two extra vacation time for their trouble.

By the way, I plan to attend First Event in a few weeks? I will be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Just look for the woman with the ham radio callsign on her name tag. I'll also have my HT in my purse.

Stana's Two Cents

My favorite bra ad phrases were "cross your heart" and "I dreamed I did something (like crossdressing) in my Maidenform bra." While on the subject, you have to wonder if the Warner's Womanmaker ad was aimed at crossdressers, as well as women. Womanmaker!!! Like I always say, "Feel like a woman. Wear a bra!"

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper.

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  1. Stana

    I am guessing that men dominated the advertising industry at the time most of these ad's were written, that said if a non-civilian were a member of the team they would be more than willing to volunteer for these accounts. Wouldn't you? I know I would!

    Maybe that's why the copy resonates so well with our community, perhaps it was written by one of us?

    There was a No Nonsense pantyhose ad in the 1990's that captivated me.

    The song jingle had a chorus that went "What makes you feel more female" while the verse extolled the sexiness and femininity of No Nonsense pantyhose!

    WHEW! Talk about triggers!!!!

    Does anyone remember this ad????

  2. I remember those ads too, 'Cross your heart" bras.... my heart use to skip a beat and a little sadness because I didn't have one a bra.... I agree with Paula,... triggers or subliminal messages were in TV ads in the 60/70's they reaches me.

  3. "Feel like a woman. Wear a bra!"
    Absolutely ~ every time i put on a bra, i instantly feel more feminine ~ probably even more so than panties, since i wear panties 24/7.

  4. I will be at FE. Hope to see you there.

  5. A bra is a wonderful item of clothing to put on - especially if you have the right breast forms that fill the cups exactly.
    I'm always 'hypnotised' when I see an attractive woman wearing a blouse - and her bra is showing through. Very feminine..
    The lady bra fitter I used to see told me why many bras feature lace only on the upper surface of the cups: she said it shows through well under a fine blouse.
    There's very little that doesn't get shaved, plucked, shaped, squeezed, hoisted, pulled-in, varnished, lacquered, polished, powdered, brushed, outlined, bejewelled, arched, perfumed - what have I forgotten?!
    What chance do heterosexual men stand when the ladies are way ahead of us..!☺ We go like lambs to the slaughter!