Friday, January 6, 2017

Hiding the Evidence

Femulators learn how to hide evidence early in their femulating lives.

Leftover makeup is a dead giveaway. After I was quizzed once as to why my lips were so red after I transitioned from girl to boy, I became religious about removing my warpaint using makeup remover creams and wipes to do the job.

No matter how thorough I am removing makeup, leftover eye makeup usually hides under my lower lid. Fifteen minutes or so after removal, just when I think it is safe to come out and play boy, a black glob of goo will appear around my tear ducts to give me away as a gurl. So I constantly check myself out in the mirror (don't say what you're thinking!) for the next hour or so to remove any telltale eye makeup goo.
Speaking of makeup, Manny Mua, the pretty gurl who was the face of this blog on Monday is now the first male spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics. You can read about Maybelline's Manny Mua here

Stana’s Makeup Tip of the Day!

I stash baby wipes all around the house for fast clean-ups (we have cats and dogs and spill-prone humans). I also use baby wipes to remove makeup. I figure if they are safe to use on the delicate skin of a baby, they are safe enough to use on my face. No matter what I use, I always slather on a moisturizer right after removing my makeup to avoid drying out my skin.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Number 7
Womanless beauty pageant contestant Number 7 femulates Taylor Swift.


  1. Oh so true Stana. The day following my first ever outing, a colleague asked me if I had mascara on? I immediately went to the bathroom and still some residual on very close inspection. Lesson learned at the outset - scrutinize very carefully, like you say as well as for me dedicated eye make remover - do baby wipes work that well? hmmm will have to try. Have also woken with dark sleepies before now, the things we learn. Don't get me started on nail polish eradication, lol.

  2. In 2009 I was emerging from the darkness of yet another cross-dressing purge. But as any transgender person knows purging doesn’t work. My need for feminine expression had returned with a vengeance. I had once again accumulated a wardrobe and on this particular day I had the opportunity to do a complete makeover. A feeling of relief and satisfaction came over me as I dressed in front of the mirror. There she was, alive, she existed, that part of me so long hidden, I smiled and felt a slight joy inside. Then I heard a rumble, the sound of a truck coming up the driveway. Fear rose from the pit of my stomach, my god, oh no, it’s the UPS delivery man! In an absolute panic I tore off the clothes, wig, and make-up. Desperate to eliminate any evidence of my perceived transgression, I was soon in sweatpants and minus my makeup in 2 minutes flat. By now the UPS man had dropped the package and was on his way down the driveway. I had reacted as if I was doing something horribly wrong, like a thief in the night, or a murderer frantic to escape. Society had conditioned me to see this as a problem, something that was very wrong. When in fact all I was doing was wearing clothes!
    I sat there stunned and then felt my two proverbial enemies enter the room, Shame and Guilt, like two thugs in a gangster movie they worked me over. Shame used all of his weapons, instead of punches he threw words like, pervert, weak, inadequate, sissy, sinner, less of a man, disgusting, and repulsive. When he was done Guilt took over and instead of bruises and broken bones, there was self loathing, depression, fear, anxiety, deceit, and low self esteem. And so the lifelong cycle continued until it eventually would have destroyed me both mentally and physically.

    The first step was recognizing that I am transgender and giving myself permission to be transgender, some call this self acceptance. Next standing up for myself and realizing that I have rights and that I am not doing anything wrong and don’t need anyone’s consent to cross-dress, shop for women’s clothes, or present publically as a woman. Finally liberating my feminine side to grow, to take pleasure in it, revel in it and be proud of it.

    PS woman-less contestant number 7 "not a civilian!" lol

  3. What a topic!

    Years of what you describe, yesterday I went out to put out the landfill bin wearing my leopard flats and encountered the operatives. They did not notice, I hadn't noticed either!

    Removing make up, everything stings except for baby oil, the only thing which works. In an emergency, use butter! Don't buy fancy make up removers, they are made to make money and they irritate,