Monday, January 30, 2017

Stopping Pickups

On more than one occasion, men have tried to pick me up. Women have, too. 

It is always flattering and a boost to my ego. However, I am happily married and a faithful spouse, so I have always rejected attempts to get into my panties.

I stop pickups in their tracks by pointing to my wedding ring. So far, that strategy has always worked for me.

Source: Vogue

Lady J
Lady J

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  1. I went to a bar restaurant with my partner both of us dressed to kill ,heels black hose gorgeous dresses as we walked past the bar to our table we did get a 'hi girls' which was very flattering and we spent the evening wondering what we would do if they came over .they didn't but we did have a chat about different scenarios some of which would involve both of us being a little jealous x