Saturday, January 7, 2017


Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Paolo Ballesteros
Paolo Ballesteros femulates Katy Perry.


  1. Corset,girdle,body shaper~😂

  2. Dear Stana,

    I especially love the "Brian / Scotty" photo. I adore dresses that hang like they each are wearing. The skirt portion of each of those dresses has a delightful full flare and a swishy fabric that moves so beautifully when you move. That exquisite flaring movement is helped by the length of each of those dresses ... the bottom of the skirts are just at the bottom of their kneecaps. That allows the knees to accentuate the swishing movement when they walk. Just-below-the-knee flaring skirts and dresses are my favorite to wear. The length still leaves plenty of exposed leg ... being a 6-footer like you and having very well-defined legs (due to lots of exercise walking), like you, I get compliments on my "gams" from femulators and cis-women alike.

    I know you have a preference for above the knee skirt/dress lengths with body hugging skirts (and you look marvelous in them), but as your friend and fan, I suggest you occasionally wear the flaring, just-below the knee styles, and enjoy girlishly "swishing" around. I just ADORE the look and feel of walking and moving in dresses like Brian's and Scotty's. It's also such a feminine delight to sit ... the skirts spill-over the side of the chair in such a fabulously girly way. These types of dresses might be a fun change of pace for you.