Friday, January 13, 2017

Intriguing Internet Images

Coco Layne's "Warpaint"
Coco Layne's "Warpaint," a photo project about gender
presentation within the masculine and feminine spectrum

Source: DeviantArt
"Just A Boy" by TraeCrae

Wearing a dress in a Los Angeles jail, circa 1945
Wearing a dress in a Los Angeles jail, circa 1945

Gender Switch Day
Gender Switch Day

Jimmy James
Professional femulator Jimmy James as Marilyn Monroe
in Greg Gorman's 1990 L.A. Eyeworks campaign

Boy George
Beautiful Boy George

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus.

Andrew Semuel
Andrew Semuel, male womenswear model

FF femulating Kate Bush on Portugal television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. Given that he seems to be wearing heels and hose, I wonder if the guy in the cell was, in fact, arrested for cross-dressing. Outside of the movies, I've never seem photographic records of such an arrest

    1. For photographic evidence of crossdressing arrests, Google "arrested for crossdressing."