Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts from under the Hair Dryer

Young man reads magazine while getting his hair done 
Youth is Wasted on the Young Dept.

Don't you wish you could run in heels like the woman in this video?

There's More to the Story Dept.

Remember this intriguing Internet image?

Well, here's what happened when the artist who created that art project dressed more feminine for her job. (Thank you, Marlena.)

Too Much Information Dept.

Bra geeks may appreciate "Methods element model of bra materials," which was unearthed by my ham radio sister, Alison.

Author! Author! Dept.

My BFF Cyrsti of Cyrsti's Transgender Condo fame has a best seller on her hands: Stilettos on Thin Ice!

Wearing Movado Bold watch, Nanette Lepore jacket, top, clutch and skirt,
Giuseppe Zanotti pumps and Vita Fede jewelry.

Androgyn Beauty
The always lovely Androgyn wishing you a Happy New Year!

Jimmy Slater
Mr. Jimmy Slater, professional femulator, circa 1920


  1. I didn't read much on bra fabrics, but at least it's a FEM bra! ~sara

  2. Thanks for the "plug" on the book :)!!!! Now if I would get farther along on the second !!!

  3. Running in heels like that is easy for me, and I would be happy to run back to the bakery for the girl cake if Taylor should actually turn out to be a girl after all!

    TMI on the bra material for this boob. :-)