Friday, August 12, 2016

Too Good To Be True

There is a lot of trans stuff on the Internet that is the product of people’s imagination, wishful thinking and/or Photoshop.

Spend a few minutes viewing a few trans pages on Pinterest and you will see photos of purported transwomen who look too good to be true. In fact, there is a trans Pinterest page called “Maybe Too Good To Be True.”

Same thing on YouTube.

Recently, there have been some YouTube videos showing young men transformed into drop dead gorgeous women. I smell a rat when the whole video has a musical soundtrack that masks what is really going on; you cannot hear any conversations that might reveal the truth, nor can you hear the voices of the "girls.” Another giveaway is when the video does not permit comments (no news is bad news).

A little research can also reveal fabrications.

A video from an academy in Peru showed up earlier this year showing male students getting dressed to kill as girls to pose for the fund-raising calendar.

I was suspicious because the calendar was dated 2014, but the video did not appear until this year, not to mention that the whole video had a masking musical soundtrack and comments were disabled. So I did a little Googling and found a handful of other videos from the academy. Turned out that the boys in those videos were youngsters, whereas the “boys” in the calendar video were high school or college-aged.

This blog has been guilty of publishing trans fabrications, too.

I try to weed out the fakes, but sometimes I miss the obvious. For example, a recent post about boys wearing bras contained references that revealed its obvious fakery. When a few readers pointed out what I had missed, I removed the fake immediately.

Other times, people have written first person accounts that have elements right out of trans fiction. I took the writers at their word, but some readers wrote to me that the stories were “too good to be true.”

Without proof, I find myself between a rock and a hard place, so I let the post live on in infamy with a promise to myself be more careful in the future.

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin.

Antonio Pavon femulates Sabrina Salerno on Peruvian television's Tu Cara Me Suena.


  1. that academy in peru absolutely has to be fake. One tell tale sign, the one "girl" has hair that is too perfect (IE the hairline in front without bangs). Sure there are wigs that good, but they run in the hundreds of dollars. No way an academy is going to have that sort of budget, nor would they want to. I don't get their angle either.. I mean there are obviously youtube accounts that cleverly edit videos to make it look as such, but they don't try to hide it as an authentic video.

  2. The picture used in your comments today seems to have come from this website and it would appear she is a genuine GG.

    1. I grabbed that photo from a Pinterest trans page because I suspected she looked too good to be true and you confirmed my suspicion.

  3. I know I'm certainly guilty of doing this; my entire blog is focused on it, in fact. I've never used a real TG model/actress in any of my stories, but instead, relied on modifying pictures of genetic women. The reason I do it is twofold: first, I love modifying pictures. That's the biggest reason I even do captions. Second, I don't want to objectify real TG models by calling them by masculine pronouns, referring to them as men (as I do in many of my "forced feminization" captions). I know it's a fine line to draw - especially coming from someone who actively fetishizes something that is a very real struggle for a lot of people - but know that my decisions come from (I think) a good place.