Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cures for Gender Dysphoria

By Susan King, Transitioning into Tomorrow

Five things I do when my gender dysphoria kicks in and I am locked in the closet.

1. Take some time to pamper myself like take a bubble bath, shave my body hair, watch TV while giving myself a manicure

2. Create a pretty outfit on Polyvore.

3. Build a nice board on Pinterest.

4. Read a book. I am currently reading books with transgender or woman lead characters. I love SF books, so I am trying authors of SF books with female leads. I have tried fiction books with a transgender theme. But I have not found the right author.

5. Snuggle under a nice soft blanket and watch a comedy with a female lead. I get some popcorn and a diet soda (water now) and enjoy.

These five things do not always work. But I will  try one of them when I am stuck in the closet.

How do you handle your gender dysphoria?

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Wearing Trina Turk.

Wanda Zambella
Wanda Zambella, mid-20th Century professional femulator


  1. I usually catch up on past posts of Femulate! But I agree on the TV comedy plan - my go to's are MAD ABOUT YOU (Helen Hunt!) and THE NAKED TRUTH (Tea Leoni)

  2. First I make sure my patch is still attached. It has come off before... I look at the sales at Nordstroms and Macys. There is always cute underwear on sale, Zappos shoes, can't have to many. Pinterest always has cute outfits to imagine myself in. A tall scotch if all else fails.

  3. Sorry about posting as Anonymous, but I'm not in a position to be able to come out of the closet. Some day, maybe.

    With regard to item 4 in your list, if you haven't found them yet, I highly recommend the Honor Harrington series by David Weber. It's an outstanding Space Opera with several strong female characters. Presently there are nearly 30 books in the Honorverse,(counting spinoffs and anthologies). The 20th book in the mainline series is scheduled to be released in November.

    E-books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Baen. Printed version are available as well.

    Chole from Texas.