Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Man Wearing High Heels and Skirt

This young man seems so happy wearing high heels even on a rainy, windswept day that I had to share his joy with you. His photo appeared on the now defunct High Heels For Men blog.

Source: Madeleine
Wearing Madeleine.

Marek Kaliszuk
Marek Kaliszuk femulates singer Hanka Ordonówna
on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.


  1. It looks like he has more than just the heels and skirt going his way. He seems to be a full scale femulator.

  2. This puts me in mind of one of the key things I get out of being a femulator -experiencing things that only women experience and seeing how they feel. One year I was at Fantasia Fair and walking around P-Town at night a wind blew up off the harbor. I was in a roomy, lightweight, just-above the knees skirt and soon found myself walking slightly hunched to the left so I could hold my hem down to keep it from blowing upward. Things like that make you appreciate what it's like to be a woman.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I agree with you. Some things that cis-women may find a little annoying, I and many other femulators find delightful. Among those things I love ...

      -- holding the sides of my skirt or dress on a very breezy day
      -- touching up my lipstick in public (for example, in a restaurant after eating)
      -- the constricting feeling of a slim skirt while trying to jog or run fast and how it makes your run seem clumsy when also wearing heels
      -- letting just a little bit of the lace trim of my slip peek out from my skirt or dress when seated
      -- pulling up a long gown from both sides when navigating steps or a staircase

      I consider all the above so be so girlishly DELIGHTFUL!

      Aren't we femulators SO FORTUNATE to be GIRLS at times?!



  3. How do I get my photo in this wonderful site

    1. Send it to me via the "send me e-mail" link in the sidebar.

  4. I am 69 yrs.old. I have been dressing as a woman for 60 of those yrs. My face is too masculine to be out in public as a woman,so it must be in private.I have allways loved bras and panties and slips.My legs have allways been plucked clean.The only time i feel great is completely with pantyhose,thong panties,bra,slip,blouse and skirt or a well fitting dress and a good pair of high heels. For 69 going on 70 my body is fortunately female like. 36-27-36