Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Love My Lipstick

By Susan King, Transitioning into Tomorrow

For me, my lipstick is a fashion necessity. However, it also has some additional benefit:
  •     It supports lip hydration
  •     It can be a good sunscreen 
  •     Can improve your mental health 
Many lipsticks have moisturizing additives to help keep your lips soft and hydrated. Adding a lipstick with a good sunscreen can protect your lips from the harsh sunlight. Finally, studies support the "Lipstick Effect," which indicates that when the economy is bad, women spend more money on items like lipstick.

To increase the effectiveness of lipstick, do you exfoliate your lips and do you know which colors work best for your skin tone?

Below is a video on a DYI lip exfoliate, followed by a chart showing which lipstick shade works on the which skin tone.

Source: La Redoute
Wearing La Redoute.

Cassandra Moore
Cassandra Moore, professional femulator

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