Thursday, August 4, 2016

High Heels are Good for You!

Ever since I began sashaying in shoes of stupendous height, all I ever heard was how bad they were. A parade of experts claimed that high heels caused one bad thing after another. They were the cause of all that was wrong with our feet, as well as being responsible for some of society’s ills as well. 

Well, I have some good news for high heel fashionistas. Contrary to popular opinion, wearing high heels is good for your physique and your psyche, according to studies recently uncovered by Team Femulate.

In one study, a British doctor performed tests using special scales and the results indicate “that high heels throw the weight onto the heel rather than onto the toes… which eliminates slouching, produces more healthy breathing, and adds inches to the bust.”

"But the greatest effect is the psychological one," the doctor added, "...long legs are admired and the high heel gives the impression of greater leg length... a sensation of slimness."

In another study, British scientists gave high heels a clean bill of health. “Instead of being unhealthful, high heels are actually easier on the body than low ones. In spite of the present vogue of high heels, there is no evidence that corns, flat feet, or other disorders are increasing.”

Works for me!

Source: La Redoute
Wearing La Redoute.

Michal Grobelny
Michal Grobelny femulates Maryla Rodowicz on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.


  1. Sorry Stana, but the British doctor must have been on crack. We did computerized gait weight bearing/pressure studies that showed tremendously high forefoot pressures that were detrimental to the plantar forefoot fat pad, crowding of the metatarsal heads resulting in neuromas and other metatarsal head pathologies (metatarsalgia) and digital deformities. Heel pressures were increased but only as the foot rocks back on the heel after tremendous forefoot contact pressures. In normal gait, the heel contacts first which is altered in wearing high heels. In my practice everyday I found lesions associated with high heel wear. Also to keep them on the feet, they are frequently too tight in the forefoot region since that is where most of the holding power is because the waist of the shoe is totally open without a vamp which either incites pathology or aggrivates existing pathology. I do agree that they don't generally cause shortening of the achilles tendon and calf muscle and I do agree that they do cause a shift in the center of gravity. But it does go a little far to suggest that they are all beneficial or good for you. Physique and psyche OK but the medical detriments unfortunately outweigh the medical benefits by far. Wear them if you like them since there is no law to say one can't. But to be totally truthful, with the good is the bad. The benefit would largely psychological but with not as much medical benefit as the Brit seems to suggest. I doubt if the report was in a peer reviewed journal as well. So sorry from a medical profession on this side of the pond.

  2. Eggs are bad for you -- now they're GOOD for you. Caffeine is bad for you -- then it's GOOD for you. I prefer to have my eggs and coffee for breakfast, then slip into my stilettos and take on the day!

  3. I'm getting ready for a consultation with an MD about a groin hernia (possibly double). In the meantime, wearing a panty girdle and heels has lessoned the discomfort in the lower region when compared with not wearing them. Go figure.

  4. Highs...PASS, flats for me.

  5. For me wearing heels tends to help with back pain. Raising my heel a few inches tends to realign my spine. It creates a bend in my knees and changes the curvature of my lower back in a way that takes pressure and stress off my low back leading to my feeling better.

  6. I agree with Pat that low 2-3 inch heels helps with ones back, I’ve aired my experience and the pros and cons on this in one of my posts (ObserVation: Heels for Health..).
    Thanks Jeanie, well put.
    I would take it that these doctors would also say that the young Chinese girls forced to bind their feet in the 10th/11th century to form “lotus feet” was also beneficial to their health.