Monday, August 8, 2016

Femulate Her or Her?

The Femulate Her spot in this blog features nicely clad women, typically, models wearing the latest styles.

The women I choose for the Femulate Her spot are women I want to femulate and I imagine, you readers would like to femulate some of these women, too.

There is one problem with my selections; there is a big disconnect regarding age... about 40 years!

Most of the models are probably in their 20s and are modeling clothing appropriate for young women. I am in my 60s and my guess is that many of this blog’ readers are right up their with me age-wise. As a result, we can dream about femulating the young models that I choose for the Femulate Her spot, but the reality is that such femulations are beyond our reach.

After publishing Friday’s post, My Future, I mulled over what I wrote and realized that my so-called future may be now! Instead of femulating a young model from Bebe or somesuch, I should femulate women who are more mature.

What a concept!

Source: Wearing Madeleine.
Wearing Madeleine.

Marcin Rogacewicz
Marcin Rogacewicz femulates Halina Frackowiak
on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzm Znajom.


  1. Dear Stana.

    Maybe Bebe is a bit of a stretch, but not by much. In the service of making up for lost time, we must make allowances and grant ourselves the youth in maturity that we did not in our younger years.

    I use the following math, and will apply my own age in the formula.

    1) Take your earthly age (mine 54)
    2) Divide by 2 (whoopie, 27)
    3) Add 7 (I am 34 again!)

    This is your officially Normalized Femulate Age(NFA).

    Now, look around the store you are in. If your NFA is high enough that you could be the Mother of someone who shops there, time for a new store. For me, I am starting to feel borderline in Bebe myself.

    The thing is this though, and you already know it:

    If the outfit makes you feel good, you should wear it in appropriate settings.

    There is endless beauty available to us as we age, and we should embrace that, but hey, don't give up on youth without a struggle and a couple of kicks from those gorgeous legs of yours :)

    xoxo - Petra

  2. 1)take my age 85
    2)divide by 2 = 42.5
    3)add 7 = 49.5
    Fantastic - I'll live with that any day
    Call me Gracie