Friday, April 19, 2013



"Femulate and the Emasculation of Men" turned up in a recent Internet search. Turns out it is the title of a post that appeared on Emasculated, a blog "discussing issues facing men in society."

Emasculated is very interesting especially if you are a girl like me. It touches upon a wide range of topics related to the emasculization of males, such as "Feminine Men," "Demale," "Emasculated Husbands," "Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal," etc.

The blog is strictly text-based --- all words, no pictures, but the words are thoughtful and do not require pictures.

Check it out; I believe you will find Emasculated worthwhile.



Actor Errol Flynn (center) escorts Miss Robert Mitchum (left) and Miss Burt Lancaster (right) at a Hollywood star drag gala, circa 1950.



Wearing Spiegel.

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  1. If I could look like her, you can do anything you want to to me.