Friday, April 5, 2013

A Reminder

2013-04-05_reminder The photo accompanying this post was taken in the lobby of my workplace when I went to work en femme this past Halloween. If you were reading this blog back then, I used the photo in my blog post about that day at work. In my opinion, it was my best photo that day.

Since I usually do not go to work en femme, I wanted a reminder of when I do, so I made a 5 x 7 print of the photo, mounted it in a wooden frame and it now sits on my desk in my cubicle at work.

It is wonderful to start the day at work seeing yourself the way you were meant to be. It also inspires me whenever I feel down and need a little kick in the derriere.

No one had said a word about the photo. I did notice a few people checking out the photo, especially a couple of guys who missed my Halloween appearance, but no one has asked, "Who's that?" or "Is that you?" I assume they already know it's me.

I wonder if anyone would say anything if I changed the photo to one of me en femme not taken last Halloween?


  1. Stana:

    If your co-workers who know you and saw you on Halloween haven't figured it out, or at the least have a very strong suspicion, I'd be very very surprised. I've seen guys who've dressed up as ladies for a special event/occasion (e.g., dress your spouse night on a cruise), and universally they appear as a guy in a dress -- no grace or poise.

    Stana, I'm sure that you, as do all of us who dress and portray as women part of the time, carry yourself completely differently in femme mode. The difference between us 'girls' and a guy in a dress is very evident to any but the most negligent of observer.

    BTW, Stana. I think you should do 2 days a week at work as Stana. Would they really care? I'd give you more photos to put up at work. :-)


  2. Hi Stana,

    I'm curious but having now dressed en femme at work once why not again? i greatly admire you and still can't imagine having the guts to go to work in a dress but all my work clothes are femme (they came from the women's section of the stores) and i wear make-up and a collar. At first i was terrified but now i don't even think about it and my colleagues have not reacted negatively at all (at least not to my face!). i have even started wearing Victoria's Secret scent which my partner loves the smell of on me.

    Go on, give it another go, and then another and another until you have an entire montage of images of you around your desk. If you do i may pluck up the courage to wear a dress/skirt :)


  3. Go to a "split screen" and have some fun gf! :)

  4. I think that at least the more astute must have worked it out by now, you are just too good.

  5. If you've got it flaunt it, and Stana you do "got it" and I really admire it too! I think most people have you figured out, I'm sure you don't put on a "guy" attitude much any more and you probably make one or two cute girly comments through out the day. What I would do if I were you. I'd have a photo on my desk of one of the Gender events/seminars/talks you've been to with yourself and a sister or gg in it with you.. That will certainly get the roll balling in the gender reversal personification.

  6. I had a picture from a Mardi Gras party ~ Meg and two other women and one guy in (non-cross) costumes. It sat on my desk in my office for months and the only comments were some people asking who was in the picture. I said "friends from a local Dem group at a Mardi Gras party" which is all true. No-one in the office knew about Meg.

  7. Next Halloween, you should go in dressed - and change the picture with one of your male self...

  8. According to what you wrote I'm sure you're not alone. Many men have feminine feelings even if just in secret, it does seem to be a very complicated issue but it ought not to be!

    The best of luck regardless of which photo you decide to put on your desk.

    A great picture of a smashing woman!