Sunday, April 28, 2013

Womanless Weekend

Part 2 of Our Weekend of Womanless Events

Starla sent me another 101 images of femulations that appeared in online high school yearbooks.

She selected the two girl students (above left) from Valliant (Oklahoma) High School as the winners of the High School Femulator Most Likely To Still Be Femulating Today (HSFMLTSBFT) Award. Also, Starla and I agreed that the teacher (above right) from Colorado Springs' Wasson High School should receive an Honorable HSFMLTSBFT Mention Award.

I uploaded the 101 images to flickr anf you may view them in two ways:

Method 1: Open one of the Yearbooks sets (A through Z) and you will find the newest uploads at the end/bottom of the set. (The oldest uploads appear at the beginning/top of the set.)

Method 2: Open my photostream and you will find the newest uploads at the top of page 1. The uploads get older as the page numbers get higher with the oldest uploads on the last page.

By the way, the contents of the Yearbook A through Z sets are organized according to school name, for example, the photos from Hard Knox High School would be in the Yearbooks H set.

Actor Reiley McClendon playing fraternal twins in television’s Law & Order Special Victims Unit, 2005.


Wearing Elie Saab.


  1. I agree about the teacher! She's lovely.

  2. Those HS kids,.. they don't even look THAT old.. were we ever that young?

    That teacher... just looks to be CARRYING herself as a woman. That is SO big. And SO hard for many. She's got practice

    The TV shot - I looked it up. I thought it was a girl playing the twon part... it's that good

  3. The schools in the south seem so well represented. Even in the conservative religious college that I attended the highlight of the spring was the womanless pageant. Being first runner up in the contest held in 1969 is one of my fondest memories.