Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Your Dreams?

2013-04-17_gray_dress Long-time Femulate reader Pat wrote recently about her dreams and wondered about yours.

From time to time you have written about your dreams.

Most of my dreams have my crossdressing as a central theme. This has always been the case for me, but about two to three years ago, I used Chantix to help me kick a long-time smoking habit. One noted side effect of this drug was the potential for "vivid dreams."

They were not kidding. The dreams that I had when on that drug were frequent, memorable, amazingly vivid and almost always centered on my crossdressing. Those dreams were so memorable and enjoyable that I started writing them down and now I have a rather extensive dream log.

I just made another entry in my log about a dream I had this past weekend.

There was an item picked up be several news outlets about some people taking issue with Target regarding a gray dress that was being offered online. It seems that in the regular sizes, this dress was described as "Dark Heather Gray," but the same dress in plus sizes was described as "Manatee Gray."

A manatee is a wonderful, gentle aquatic creature that grows to several hundred pounds and is known as a "Sea Cow." It seems that some of Target's "plus-size patrons" took offense to the plus-size dress being offered as "Manatee (Sea Cow) Gray" rather than "Heather Gray." In response, Target pulled the dress off its website in both plus and regular sizes.

The evening before my dream, my wife and I discussed our weekend plans which included a dinner out and perhaps a movie. My dream was vivid in colors and also in sound/dialog. I was dressed in a very pretty dark "Manatee Gray" dress with a pink floral (roses) pattern. It was lined and my wife commented that it was of rather high quality since it came from Target. I told her that it had a great price for the quality of the dress. I also had on beige hose and classic high heel pink pumps that matched the flowers on the dress.

In the dream, we had a wonderful dinner in a nice restaurant. After dinner we decided to go to the movies. My wife chided me about being slightly overdressed for dinner and that I was surely overdressed for the movies. In the dream I kept the dress on, changed to off-black hose and dark gray pumps, removed some jewelry, added a plain black jacket and was now only moderately overdressed for the movies.

After entering this dream in my log, I looked back at my prior entries and almost all of them had a direct connection to real-life events.

My question to you and your readers is whether your femulating dreams are more vivid than other dreams and whether your femulating dreams have connections to events or images that derive from what is going on in your life around the time of the dream?

What was even more interesting about my dream is that it happened the night before we went out to dinner. It was very lifelike and bore a heavy resemblance to the places that we went to after the dream.

It seems like some of my dreams presage actual events. I am not sure if that is an actual premonition or simply wishful thinking.

By the way, as a "plus-size patron," I was not offended at the reference to "Manatee Gray." I'm curious if you or your readers found the Target labeling snafu to be unsettling. (In my view, some people are a bit too sensitive.)



Femulating 100 years ago.



Wearing Metrostyle.


  1. Stana,

    Thank you for posting my inquiry about dreams. Thank you also for matching the post with the photo of the lovely model wearing a 'Manatee Gray' dress. Only in my dreams coud I ever look so good.
    It is funny that I will go through periods when I have lots of dreams and then through long spells when I do not seem to have any dreams.

  2. This is my first time hearing about the Target snafu, but I often hear this claim that people are too sensitive. This is probably true. However, I think it misses the point.

    Many times in cases like these, there are people who are actively crusading against a *systemic* issue. In this case, the issue is widespread discrimination against plus-size people. You have to call it out whenever you see it, even if the one particular thing is not such a big deal. Otherwise, the discriminatory attitude will be accepted as the norm.

    This is activism as a lived discipline, and it ain't easy. But if no one was doing it, you can bet we'd see a lot more discrimination.

  3. It's funny that you mention about dreams. I never had many, although I thought that if I identify myself as a woman most of the time, I should be a woman in most of my own dreams. Not so. In fact, usually my gender just isn't any issue; I am who I am. But I remember 3 occasions when I was femulating in my dreams. Each dream was after a big dinner that probably made my mind more active than usual after I have gone to bed. Of those three, the first time I was femulating to escape someone trying to kill me (some dream eh?) by disguising myself as an attractive woman in a red dress. Another time I was in Victorian costume, trying to pass myself off as a maid for a tyrannical matriarch. In these two cases, I was quite aware of what I looked like: the first time I was very skinny, without much of a figure to speak of, and the red dress was tight, but not very revealing. The second time I had big fake boobs that I was trying to hide. Then the third time I was actually a teenage girl, floating in the middle of an ocean after a shipwreck. That last time was more interesting, as I had no idea what I looked like until I started asking myself, "so what am I like?" in the middle of the dream and then an image of myself slowly emerged.

    I'm sure when people hear about my dreams they'll think that I'm crazy, and perhaps they're not that far off?

    - Kate