Monday, April 29, 2013

30 Shades of Lipstick for a Four-Day Trip


I overpack.

It has not been an issue so far because airlines have not been involved in my travels, but multi-day trips involve packing my Subaru to the brim.

I took eight pieces of luggage to Provincetown for my first trip to Fantasia Fair for an eight-day stay (see photo above). Last year, I only had seven pieces, but I also stayed one day less.

My annual Dayton, Ohio trips usually involve four or five pieces of luggage for a four-day stay.

The only time I economized was for my four-day trip to New York City. I only had three pieces of luggage because I was traveling by train.

I always bring stuff that I never use: extra dresses, extra hosiery, extra bras, extra panties, extra Spanx, extra shoes, extra nails, extra jewelry, extra etcetera.

Usually, I plan ahead and know what I am going to wear for each day of my trip, but I still overpack.
One piece of luggage that I know I should leave home is my makeup box. It is a large tackle box that I bought at Walmart that is chock full of makeup. Who needs 30 shades of lipstick for a four-day trip

Funny story occurred the last time I was moving my luggage into my hotel room. I was in boy mode carrying my makeup/tackle box and as I passed two guys in the hall, one said to the other, "He's going fishing!"

In two weeks, I will be packing for my four-day stay in Dayton. I hope I can do it with three pieces of luggage. I'll let you know how I do.




Actor Michel-Serrault (left) and another actor (right) femulating in the film La Cage Aux Folles II, 1980.




Wearing Robert Rodriguez.


  1. Not to worry: Marlene Dietrich traveled with much more! LOL

  2. Furthest I travel is about twenty miles :) Around the twin cities of Minnesota. My car is a piece of junk with 140K on the odometer, so dare not go much further. Therefore every thing is in my purse ;). And being on Social Security as my only income it is difficult to travel now days for me. I hate air travel. My late career was a field technician involving Para Medic radio equipment at hospitals. Like on the TV show "Emergency" where heart rate was sent to the hospital via two way radio. Our shop was in a suburb of Chicago, IL and most of my travel time was going to the Los Angeles, CA area. All the hospitals were in suburbs of Los Angeles. Didn't have much of chance to explore Los Angeles itself. Manged to stand at the corner of Hollywood and Vine for a half hour and take in the local citizens one afternoon. Back then I didn't bring my femme items on the trips. I also had to carry my large tool box and a service monitor with my luggage.

  3. Stana:

    I fully appreciate your plight. I filled my car for Keystone this year. My significant other traveling with me had one soft sided bag and a couple of dresses on hangers. I filled the rest of my car with Rhonda's stuff (plus an emergency "breakdown" change of clothes for dire emergency on the road.)

    Needless to say, I needed a mule to tote my stuff up to my room. But I did manage to wear several pair of shoes, different wigs, almost all the dresses, and assorted other stuff before the 5 day adventure was through. I do so enjoy being a (part time) girl!


  4. All you need is a change of clothes, your ID (or Passport) and a credit card. Like I take my own advise.

  5. I've been there! You just never know! And what moods will stir you to wear what you didn't bring!

    It's a constant battle with Dee and I. (she packs so light just enough clothes for exactly the time spent no more and gets angry with me if we have to check any bags) We travel quite a lot and I love to dress up! What I have done though to compromise is stream line, this means knowing what I like and feel good in and bring only those close knowing that when I put them on they will suit my needs and feelings. A big benefit in knowing your style and having the right coordinating pieces, Mix and match keeps down the bulk. Also using the same make up, if it's right for your face (don't make up for your clothing) will keep everything in a small makeup case you can carry in your purse with out the "tackle box" weighting you down. It's a habit that is sooooooo hard to develop, I want to just bring my closet with me!