Monday, April 15, 2013



I have had no luck buying online lately.

Two dresses I bought from Spiegel last month went back for a refund because they were too small. Two dresses I bought from ideeli this month went back for the same reason.

Sizes are all over the map. Not only do sizes from different makers differ, but sizes from the same maker differ! And this phenomena is not an online aberration; I’ve experienced the same problems in brick and mortar stores.

So last week, I hesitated ordering the Albert Nipon suit pictured in the photo above. This is a $395 100% silk suit that ideeli had on close-out for $130. The description claimed that the brand is “true to size,” so I took a chance and ordered it in my “true size,” which is 18.

The suit arrived on Thursday and when I opened the box, I was impressed with the beauty and quality of the suit. But would it fit?

I slipped out of my boy clothes, then slipped into my girl undies, held my breath and tried on the suit.

It fit!

I happily hung it in my closet and plan to wear it to one (or both) of the banquets I will attend next month at the Hamvention in Dayton.




Professional femulator Lypsinka appearing in the 1997 film Dragtime.




Wearing Lisa Perry.


  1. The suit looks stunning, and being silk it should be very special to wear as well, I'm glad it fits that makes it a special bargain. I know what you mean about sizes, I have dresses ranging from size 14 to 18 (European sizes of course) and the same in shoes I have some 7s and some 8s and even one pair of 9s

  2. The outfit is beautiful. My you "wear it well" with apologies to Rod Stewart.
    It seems that most clothing to day is mass produced overseas. Size has become a hit or miss proposition.
    My mother was a seamstress with the International Ladies Garment Workers Union so that old ad campaign with the song "Look for the Union Label" had meaning to her. Sewing to patterns and sizes and getting it correct was important. She was paid on piecework. If it did not pass inspections she either had to resew it or not be paid for that garment.

  3. I can hardly wait for you to tell and show us all about "Hamvvention". I look forward to the pictures and storyline. I imagine that dress will get lots of comments. wear it well. Please keep on being our goodwill ambassador and tell the world we are not bad people just because we do not dress and act as "normal" society might wish us too. Lisa K.