Monday, February 4, 2013

Mother of the Bride


Today, I return to addressing the questions and suggestions readers sent me in response to my call for topics that readers would like me to write about or expand upon.

Ron wrote, "Regarding your lunch outing: what you can do for details of the outing is important to us. Things like color of nails, lipstick color; how often during your lunch did you freshen up your make up. How did it feel as a woman having lunch with your boss? Did you notice her pupils; did they expand in your presence? How exactly did you feel (reality check) en femme out and about; any real feelings of doubt or feelings of desire for a close GG to share your adventures with. Have you ever thought about a wedding dress theme?"

My nails are Kiss pre-glued stick-on nails, which are pink with a white French tip. They look so good that everyone who comments on them believes they are real.

My lipstick color was raspberry and my lip liner color was brick.

I did not freshen my makeup during lunch, but I did freshen it in my car before I met up with my editor.

My editor is not my boss, she is my editor. I have dined with her a few times in the past and it is always a great experience dining with a genetic girl (GG). She passes very well (she is very pretty) and by association, that helps me to pass. The restaurant staff treated us like ladies and referred to us as ladies.

I did not notice my editor's pupils expand, but it was not the first time she has seen Stana, so it was nothing new to her (except for my new hair color).

Reality check: when I am out en femme, it is the most natural way to be for me. I used to have a lot of doubts about going out in the past, but seldom have any negative thoughts today. And as far as the desire for a close GG to share my adventures, it is nice to have any company, GG or otherwise, when I am out (I especially hate eating alone).

Regarding a wedding dress theme, the next time I get married, I plan to wear a gown. Kidding aside, I'd love to try on wedding gowns, but have never done it and I think I am too old to do it now. Mother of the bride would be more appropriate!


  1. You look wonderful in this photo!! :XXX

  2. I think you'd make a beautiful bride (to a lucky groom).

  3. Stana
    Good points. It is always nice to have company. While most of my outings have been solo adventures what I look for most is the opportunity to engage others in conversation. I would venture to say that only about 10-20% of my conversations have anything to do with me being out as a cross dressed male. Most of the talk is the general talk that you would have meeting, politics, sports, fashions, etc. As a cross dressed male I find it easy to talk to either men or women about the broad range of subjects that men and woman like to talk about from sports to shoes or rifles to rhinestones.

    I also agree that at our age while the idea of being dressed as a bride makes for a pleasant reverie my current wardrobe tastes tend to be closer to mother of the bride.


    1. Stana:
      I agree; it is so nice to share the time with someone. I love dining with others and sharing the usual topics, but girl talk is a most enjoyable way to spend femme time.
      I love talking to either men or women when en femme; when I take the time to doll up, it's nice to hear a compliment or a style tip.
      As a 54 year-old woman, I agree with the Mother of the Bride theme; trying to keep it real and appropriate.
      If you are looking to share a dining experience, Stana, I live in CT and would love to get together!