Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flying High With Dianne

I recently received the following e-mail from my friend Dianne, who graciously gave me permission to share her words with you.

Hey Stana,

I find it a very slippery slope as I definitely need to spend more en femme time and the more I go en femme the more I need to! In October, I pushed the envelope quite a bit and the opportunity presented itself for me to spend the majority of my 3-week trip to the US (with exception of 5 days) en femme! and it was Heaven!

I was really pleasantly surprised as to how much more fun some things areen femme  and also as to how well one actually passes if you have enough confidence and a good voice and mannerisms. I did quite a lot of travelling and was amazed how it all went without incident and nowhere did I have any trouble getting on a plane, renting a car or checking into a hotel as Dianne, despite only having my male ID.

I was in the DC, NJ and NY area for a week, then flew from Baltimore to Atlanta, Spent the week there and flew to PTown and a week later back to Atlanta again, all en femme! The flight from Baltimore to Atlanta was actually quite special as the plane had to wait on the taxiway for an hour to get a take-off slot. I was upgraded to business class and there was a GG (genetic girl) sitting next to me who was going to Atlanta for the first time. She and hubby were planning to move there, so she really wanted to know a lot about Atlanta, like which areas to live in and was really pleased to meet someone who lived in Atlanta!

At first I was a little worried that she might read me, her being in her 30's, but later I was really so impressed with the fact that she did not despite the fact that she sat next to me for three hours on the plane and we chatted so much. As we got off the plane in Atlanta, I could see she was still convinced I was a GG and never had that deer in the headlight look at any stage!

I still cannot believe it was such an amazing feeling to be able to pass so well there and it really did a lot for my confidence.

Did you also find yourself getting to a stage where you are almost thinking where's a place or situation I have not been en femme and then go there en femme. (Most definitely, yes! - Stana) And afterwards I feel so happy that it seems I am actually able to be en femme full-time and literally go anywhere anytime en femme without fear, just like a GG... I guess maybe the ultimate "femulation" experience.




  1. Stana:

    Diane's story amazes me, as I find myself longing to have such an experience. I'm getting out of my own comfort zone for the first time, planning on attending this year's Keystone Conference, and doing so totally en femme starting with the drive from DC. I'm full of anticipation and stifling my normal paranoia to pull this off. Having read your stories, Kimberly of Texas' travel stories, and now Diane's story gives me strength.

    Would you ask Diane whether she minds if you also post her picture? It would be great to see how she looks en femme. Thanks for posting her great story.


    1. Hi Rhonda --- You can see Dianne's photo here.

  2. Stana -

    Have you travelled (not by car) en-femme? I know you've visited places en-femme, but the getting there via mass transport (bus, train, plane) is a very different experience....


    1. Hi Marian --- I have not flown in about ten years and I cannot remember the last time I took a bus, but trains, subways, and taxi cabs have posed no problems.

  3. I am so glad that you were able to spend so much time en-femme. It is a great thing for you and a good thing for the rest of us. A few weeks ago I had a few days alone. Of course my days were spend as my regular me at work but I was able to get to get out and about several evenings. The joy and pleasure of the transformation...the freedom of getting in the car and out of the house and to go out and mix and mingle with people in general is affirming and enjoyable.
    Congratulations to you, Diane, and thank you to Stana for sharing your story with the rest of us.

  4. Dear Stana,

    I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon "en femme" out among the civilians with some of my T-Girlfriends. Lovely experience! Not one even slightly negative reaction from anyone, spanning about 6 hours Fri/Sat. On Friday evening, 4 of we T-Girls arrived early at a very busy and crowded Bahama Breeze Restaurant in Orlando. 2 of the girls were not tall, but I am 6-0 barefoot (and I wore flats) and the 4th girl is super slim and 6-4 barefoot (and she wore 3" heels). Despite the presence of two very tall girls, not one civilian (man, woman, teenager, or young child) did a double-take or shot us an unapproving glance. Later, when seated in a booth for 6 after being joined by 2 other T-Girlfriends, we were served by a delightful young woman who definitely "read" the table, since all 6 of us spoke in our normal quite masculine voices. She treated us superbly and with great warmth, and smiled and patted my hand when I said something like "I suppose you don't get a lot of girls like us". She had a VERY GOOD tip night from our table!