Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, George (of John, Paul, George and Ringo Fame)

Actor Caleb Goh femulating in the 1998 film That's the Way I Like It via Elaine Armen (thanks, Elaine).


Wearing Metrostyle.


  1. Dear Stana and Stanelles (her fans),

    I have been trying unsuccessfully (both in-person and online) to find a multi-strand choker like "Femulator" Actor Caleb Goh is wearing while femulating in the 1998 film "That's the Way I Like It". I'd like 2 chokers: one with pearl color beads and one with black (or very dark blue) beads. I'd like at least 4 rows of beads, or up to 6 rows, like Caleb's choker. The chokers do not necessarily have to have the center larger bead and embellishments as shown in the photo. Simple rows of equal size beads all-around would be fine.

    If any of you girls know of specific URLs (website addresses) for these chokers, please email me at:

    Thank You Stana and all you Stanelles,



  2. Not quite a match, but I found this one with Bing search.