Friday, February 8, 2013

She's got legs; she knows how to use them*

2013-02-08_me_too I recently received another e-mail complaining that my skirts were too short for my height and/or my age (I am 6-2 and will be 62 next month).

I think the height complaint is a non-starter. Tall women have long and shapely legs --- who to better show off them off then by wearing short skirts?

Online, I found this about tall women and short skirts.

"Tall women of all ages look great in a short skirt. As you grow out of your college-partying days, you will probably want to veer away from the ultra-short, ultra-tight mini skirt, but there’s nothing wrong with a skirt that ends at your fingertips or mid-thigh. If that seems too edgy, try a skirt that ends equidistant between your knees and your fingertips. A skirt this length will help prevent embarrassing Brittany-esque moments, but will still show off enough leg to make people take notice."

I also found this.

Editor-at-Large from Glamour magazine Suze Yalof Schwartz appearing on Today said "Her 'rule of thumb' (pun intended) is that a mini skirt's hem should not be any shorter than a wearer's thumb when the hands are at the side. I actually think, however, that you have to see the wearer and the garment and that rules like that don't always apply across the board. Plus, the thumb line can be pretty short.

"For example, the wearer's legs make a huge difference in whether a mini dress or skirt makes you look fabulous or half-naked. Take Real Housewife of New York City Kelly Bensimon, for instance... As a tan, statuesque (6' 0" - Ed.) former model, her style is synonymous with mini skirts. Are her skirts, shorts, and dresses a tad too short sometimes? Sure. But does she have great legs and all the business in the world rocking a style that shows off her inherent gam glory: Absolutely!"

Personally, I think that my legs are ok, but other people have convinced me that they are more so. My legs have always received good grades. My mother often said I had beautiful legs (and that "you should have been a girl with legs like yours"). My wife and other genetic women have admitted that I have nicer legs then they do. Friends and strangers have praised my legs. A friend's spouse even nicknamed me "Leggy."

Who am I to argue? The consensus is that I have great legs, so they meet the qualification to be shown and height is not a cause for disqualification. 

But does my age disqualify me?

For starters, I don't look (or act) my age. Even in boy mode, I look younger than my age. In girl mode, with makeup and a wig piled on, I look even younger. People typically guess I am in my 40s. But what's age got to do with it?

From the Internet again:

"To use her as an example yet again, Kelly Bensimon is 40 years old and not slowing down when it comes to donning miniskirts. I don't think there should be any hard and fast rule about not wearing something after a certain age. The key is being honest with yourself about how you look in it."

I honestly think I look good in short skirts despite my age, real or apparent. Until I am convinced otherwise, you will see my knees and more.

* You all probably recognize that line from ZZ Top's hit recording "Legs." I wonder if you remember a brief T-moment in the video for that song. In that video, leggy girls, who are dressed over-the-top, are shopping in a boutique outfitting another girl who is more conservatively dressed. The T-moment occurs when one of the leggy girls grabs a dress from a guy who is holding the garment up to himself to see how it fits/looks  in it. in a boutique outfitting another girl who is more conservatively dressed. The T-moment occurs when one of the leggy girls grabs a dress from a guy who is holding the garment up to himself to see how it fits and/or looks on him.


  1. I feel age and height has nothing to do with whether a person wears short skirts or shorts, it's all about the legs she is showing! In this world there is nothing like a nice/good pair of legs to get things going, but I love short skirts and shorts.

    My mother always told me, if you have them you need to show them off! She often told me I had them.

    Keep on keeping on, Stana.

  2. You presented your case quite well. This was a great summation, counselor...supported by a fine exhibit A.
    The arguments were sincere, on point and pursuasive.
    The parties having rested their case the court rules in favor of Stana as a matter of law. This court finds that the evidence in support of your choice of skirt length is so overwhelming that there no point in even presenting the case to the jury

  3. Stana, Great post! I am 74, I occasionally wear a short skirt a few inches above my knees, but not a mini skirt. Have been complemented on my "great looking legs" by both women and men who have seen me in a short skirt :)

  4. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or to put it another way if it looks good (and it does!) go for it. I am both a bit younger and a bit shorter than you, I have decided that my denim (Daisy Duke's) shorts and my leather mini skirt are not for street wear, but will still wear higher hem lines, I tend to go with the finger tip length rather than the rule of thumb, no higher than where your fingertips reach on your thigh, I use this rule for my daughter so have to stick with it for myself.

  5. As a lawyer, I have to agree with scalesman. A directed verdict! Funny you should mention your Mother's comments about your legs, my Mother told me a few times I had nice legs, but I was weraing male shorts, not skirts. Wonder what she would have said seeing me in nylons, heels and a dress?

  6. I first saw that video when I was eleven, and I /so/ wanted to be that sales girl.

  7. i couldn't agree more - as a 61yo i am constantly told i have great legs and am encouraged always to wear mini-skirts, the shorter the better. In fact if i wear an skirt other than a mini i am told i am not showing off my best asset - so good on you for putting some facts and some evidence behind the reason why we tall girls need to show off our legs!