Friday, December 7, 2012

My Christmas Party Outfit

Tuesday evening, I will attend the local Avon representative Christmas party. I attended once before, in 2006, and except for a male VIP from the home office, it was an all-girl affair.

I had a wonderful time and seemed to be accepted by the other girls, but I was way overdressed for the party. As I wrote at the time, "Most of the other reps wore slacks or jeans with tops and a minority wore skirts with tops. I was the only rep wearing a dress."

I did not want to make the same mistake again, so I planned to dress to fit in.

I want to wear my new leopard platform pumps and I tried to build an outfit around those shoes. I quickly added my black leggings with the zippered cuffs and my new black B. Makowsky satchel bag to the outfit, but I needed a top.

I own a leopard print long-sleeved V-neck top, but it is too tight. It worked when I wore it with soft-cup bras, but does not work with the full-figure bras I wear now. So I began shopping for a new leopard print top.

I checked all the websites of the local stores and found a top at DressBarn that would be perfect: a sequined leopard tank.

After lunch, I visited the local DressBarn. 

Don't you just love it when you walk into a store and exactly what you are looking for in your exact size is hanging on the first rack you peruse! That is what happened to me today; I completed my Christmas party outfit and it only cost $17.

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  1. Window shopping at the Mall Of America, Bloomington, Minnesota last week, seen a neat all silver sequin dress on a rack in front near the window. I don't remember the store's name. So went in and looked at the dress, picked it up off the rack it was heavy and had no shoulder straps. Decided it was not for me. Then took a look at the price tag $179.00! Carefully placed the dress on the rack as the sales associate was walking towards me. She asked me if she could help me. I said, "that's OK, I don't think the dress would stay up on me". She smiled and said "thanks for stopping into our store."