Monday, December 10, 2012

Avon Calling


I have been an Avon lady for 17 years!

I don't sell a lot of Avon because I only do it on a part-time basis, but maybe when I retire, I will go full-time (in more than one way, perhaps).

In the meantime, I enjoy what I do sell. Selling Avon allows me to be aware of and try out the latest products for us girls.

Also, it gives me the opportunity to associate with other Avon ladies as I will Tuesday evening when I attend the Avon lady Christmas party. (I can't wait!)

Another benefit are the special deals that come our way. For example, this morning I bought a pair of cute suede booties with a faux-fur trim, suede-covered button accent, and 3-5/8-inch heel for $20; their original price was $50.

I love being an Avon lady!


  1. "Full time in more ways then one"

    you go girl!!!

  2. I am reminded that everyone who works for Avon (above a certain grade)in the UK is required as part of their induction to spend time as an "Avon Lady" this meant that both one of my cousins and my brother had to spend time "on the doorstep" I'm sure that this helped the executives to understand the needs and problems of the reps, but led to much hilarity at my brothers expense. He also Captained the Avon UK Rugby team, so I was roped into helping out for a few matches ~ I have never seen so much soap on a rope in one place as in the showers after a game between Avon and one of their suppliers.