Sunday, December 16, 2012

Does this photo make me look tall?

I took over 100 photos Tuesday afternoon trying different poses and camera angles as suggested by Reva. In the above shot, the camera was on the floor. It resulted in a good view of my shoes and a lengthening of my legs (as if I needed longer legs).

I had a lot of fun doing the photoshoot and will continue to post the results, which may have been better if it was not a self-photoshoot!


  1. Tall? Yes. Beautiful? You betcha!!!

  2. Stana, you look wonderful. I know you are tall and you look really tall in the picture. Do the Woman's WNBA team need a center.. they play down the street in Mohegan Sun I think. LOL!! Huggs, Jan

  3. Stana -

    Much better to look tall, than to look heavy....

    Bei mir bist du schon....


  4. Yep sure does, the low view point will always exagerate height, but thatis not always a bad thing! Many of us spend all too much time worrying about our height when mostly it is simply not an issue smashing photo, very dramatic look

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  6. Thats a nice picture. It's easy to manipulate illusion of height in pictures. For example, you would think you look tall in this picture since the point of reference is a door frame. If you had cropped it or posed against a wall with no visual markers, your height would be hard to tell. Tall or short, a beauty is a beauty :)

  7. Tall is good. I know that I also tend to stand out. When it comes to dressing as a woman you just can't coach height. I like you approach to things.

  8. Dear Stana,

    Tall and proud and lovely! You go, girl.

    It's rare that I would be the shortest girl in a group of 4. But, at the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) in Atlanta in September, I dined with 3 other girls who were all taller than I. We all mentioned our true barefoot heights, and they were 6-1, 6-3, 6-5, and a quarter inch over 6-0 (l'il ol' me).

    I get a kick out of the varying "heights" when with other girls on different occasions, based on the heights of their heels. Especially, when you're seeing them wearing different shoes within a couple of days or a week (like at SCC or Fantasia Fair). For example, depending on our varying heel heights, I would be 4" taller than a person one day (she in flats and me in 3" heels), and 1" shorter another (she in 2" heels and me in flats).

    I've also recently found that I encounter no unusual attention from civilians due to my height, even wearing 3" heels. If you make-up and dress appropriately and conduct yourself confidently as a woman, 99.9% of people will "accept" you as a woman.

    Generally, each generation is getting taller. As a 1944 baby, by the time I reached my "peak barefoot height" of 6-1 in 1962, I was probably in about the 93rd percentile of height. Now, years later, and having undergone age-related shrinking of about 3/4" plus the general population's increase in height, I probably have dropped to about the 88th percentile of height). That's for the USA. Interestingly, the nation with the tallest average male heights is the Netherlands. The AVERAGE height of Dutch males now is 6-0! In the USA, the average is just under 5-10.

    Well that's enough of my "tall tales"!



  9. LOL, no the camera angle and the high heels do.