Friday, December 14, 2012

Miss Eng’g (She’s Back!)


The 2012 installment of the Miss Eng'g (Engineering) womanless beauty pageant will take place Saturday evening at the College of Engineering, University of Philippines-Diliman.

This year, the pageant's Internet presence is on Facebook. There are a lot of photos of the pageant contestants in male and female garb (more of the former than the latter) on Facebook now and I am sure there are more female garb photos to come this weekend. So visit the page and revisit it often.

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  1. Miss Eng'g 2012 is probably my favorite of the Miss Engineering contests that I've watched. It's not because of the Andronica theme, which I didn't particularly like because it was more "future industrial" and didn't let the contestants fully realize their femininity in their costumes. Now if it was more like a Barbarella future, I'd be singing a different tune.

    2012 is my favorite because of one contestant - Miss 49ers. I've watched practically every Miss Eng'g video on YouTube and none of them have impressed me as much as she does. Some contestants are gorgeous. Some are great performers. Some are incredibly natural on stage. But none of them combine them all into one amazing package the way Miss 49ers does. The kid has it all: Sexy and sassy, flirty and feminine, beautiful and bodacious.

    The sad thing is she didn't even make the top 5. Why? I'm not sure. She was a freshman so maybe she wasn't well known enough to get votes. Her gown was beautiful but not amazing (although she did wear 4-5" strappy heels when everyone else was stumbling on two inches). Her promotional shots weren't especially memorable. But once she hit the stage it was a whole different story.

    On stage, Miss 49ers was the only woman in a group full of guys in dresses. I knew it from the second she introduced herself as "Digmore Deeper" ( - she's the first one out). That voice, that attitude, that strut!

    Watch her during the swimsuit runway video ( She hits the stage as the dance troupe ends, where she drops a couple of killer poses before blowing off a couple of the dancers like she's Sasha Fierce. Then she strikes a pose or two more, goes down into the SPLITS, then stalks off like it wasn't a thing. It's no surprise she won the "Best in Runway" award.

    Her talent ( is mind blowing. She's so sexy and is a great dancer. More importantly, she's a great female dancer. She shakes that booty, wiggles her hips, tosses her hair and grinds on her male partner like Britney in her Vegas show. And of course there's that strut.

    Damn can Miss 49ers strut. Every time she's on stage that super model strut is carrying her. Like she's been doing it her whole life. Which, of course, makes me think she has been. I can only imagine how fast that kid's hand went up when someone in the 49ers org said they were looking for volunteers to be in Miss Engineering.

    I suppose his preshow interview as a boy should have tipped me off. When asked why he should win, he says that as a freshman he has the most to learn from it. Then he pauses (presumably the interviewer gave him a funny face) and adds "I'm just not pretty and flirty yet." (I love that he added "flirty" in there - so not the typical answer) At first I thought he was being defensive but now I realize it was more of a promise - "Just wait until to see the woman I become and you'll know why I should win."

    Miss 49ers should have won. But the fact the she got to get up on that stage and show off that pretty, flirty girl makes me happy anyway.