Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yearbook Femulations

As I mentioned here before, Starla regularly sends me clippings of femulations from online school yearbooks.

Today, I uploaded all 951 of her clippings to flickr, organized them, and opened the collection to the public.

This is the link to the collection. There is also a link to the collection in the left sidebar of this blog.

There are 25 sets in the collection; one set for each letter of the alphabet except X, which is a little ironic. The files are organized according to school name and include the school's location and the date of the yearbook the image came from. There are a few unknowns in the collection; if you can provide any of the missing information, please let me know.

Starla sends me new clippings frequently, so you can expect the collection to grow.


  1. One wonders if some of these femulators were really trans. Some of them are very good femulators indeed.

  2. A pretty amazing collection. I can only imagine the hours spent in front of the monitor collecting them all.

  3. That's a nice collection. You should make another album with yearbook photos from the 90s and 2000s.

  4. To put this collection together must have took a lot of time and research. A big thank you to both of you!

    1. great work!
      i'm always searching for this kind of events'photos..best collection ever!
      my concept of "heaven" is a bunch of triumphant girls dressing me and other boys in gowns,wigs,full makeup and everything!

  5. Stana, thanks again for taking the time to complete this project and sharing it with your followers.

    Starla, thanks for hunting these emulators down. I also owner if any of those boys are following us today ?