Tuesday, April 3, 2012

High Heels As Good Medicine

My neuroma had not bothered me much since the doctor gave me a shot last summer, but it started acting up about two weeks ago. Everyday there was annoying pain around the fourth toe of my left foot.

It was not debilitating, just annoying. Twice a day for two weeks, I applied a prescribed ointment on the toe to ease the pain, but it would not go away completely.

Before I slipped on my pantyhose and high heels Saturday night, I gave the toe a double dose of the ointment and my toe was free of pain throughout the banquet despite wearing six-inch platform heels for seven hours.

Sunday morning, the pain was still absent and has been absent ever since. Go figure.

I am now penning an article for the The New England Journal of Medicine suggesting that six-inch platform pumps are a possible cure for neuroma. (Only kidding!)


  1. While your tongue was firmly placed in your well rouged cheek ~ do not be so quick to dismiss the positive beneficial effects of wearing heels.

    I have sufffered from a bad back since a fall back in the 1980s. If I have to stand flat footed such as standing on line or standing around in general my low back really hurts. Simply being in the 'standing straight position' seems to put too much stress on my low back. Wearing heels changes the curvature of my spine. My knees tend to flex forward, my rear tends to jut out a bit and my front pulls back. These small structural and alignment changes serve to take the strain off my low back. Often, after a long day in flat shoes my back will feel weak. If I spend some time walking around the house in 3" heels my low back weakness will abate.

    I also have a few back braces that I will use from time to time. They help but are nowhere near as beneficial and helpful as wearing a corset. A moderate to tightly laced corset carries the load and suppports my back and in and of itself is good therapy.

    I do not get out much but some time back I had occasion to get out but had thought of staying home because my back was acting up. I went out and spent the night laced in my corset and standing around in 3 1/2" pumps and felt great the next day.

    I would be curious if others have found that heels and corset wear help with back pain.


  2. Heels apparently do more than just make legs look good and sexy! I love it, Stana!

    As for the cartoon, I can identify with Binky but, as a T-girl, it was usually me eating out of the hands! What did I know?

    Can't wait to read the rest of your experience!

    1. I can't speak to the beneficial effects of a corset but I can surely endorse high heels for greater comfort with my flat feet. They will often ache by the end of the day, and prescription orthotics are hard and hard on them. Nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- makes them feel as good as a pair of shoes with 3+ inch heels (I'm a women's size 10). Looking at my feet in sandals, the lift of a heel actually creates an arch, which is entirely missing otherwise (my wet footprints show no arch).

      So, yeah; high heels can help a number of conditions. I just wish I could wear them in my daily life.