Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Standards of Care for Womanless Events

Gina sent me her personal criteria for what constitutes a “good “ womanless event. I mulled over her criteria; modified it slightly and added to it.

Here is what we came up with: the Femulate Standards of Care for Womanless Events.

- No facial hair

- No visible body hair including underarm hair

 - Heels only - or at least, female dress shoes - no bare feet, flip-flops, beach sandals, or male footwear

 - Normal-sized busts and derreires – no exaggerations

- Makeup is a must, but not an outlandish or clown-like application

- Naturally colored and styled hair or wig - no wild wig colors and styles

- No coconut bras and no grass skirts

- If you need a girdle, then wear a girdle

So, girls, those are your marching orders --- get gorgeous!


  1. may i ask who is the 'girl' in the dress?

  2. Tiffany --- She is a contestnt at the Atlanta Cotillion.

  3. thankyou! will check it out (:

  4. May I add: Nicely manicured or false nails. Polished toenails. Proper earrings, necklace and bracelets.


  5. Stana, you can set the standards as you do us a fabulous service for your followers by sharing portfolios and info on these fabulous events. Ironically, I revisited the Aid Atlanta "Cotillion" portfolio on Flickr last night as I had some free time. You introduced that link to us in the past.
    IMHO, it is the best portrayal of your standards. The contentastand and guests are encouraged to go all the way and they do each fall.
    Another commendable event is the Imperial Court of NYs " Night of a Thousand Gowns" ball. I went this past March but in my tux. Other guests were en femme and amazing. I have found some pics but am sure more exist. Maybe that could be a future project for your "research team"!
    On a final note, as a Parrotheads, I will retain my coconut bra and grass skirt for future Jimmy Buffett concerts only!
    Thanks again for being THE BEST resource for the Femulation Community on the web.
    Alice in NYC

  6. I hope you've sent the memo to all affiliates and organizations that may possibly have womanless events on their itinerary.
    Perhaps we need a standards review board and require license/permits so as to ensure and to protect the integrity of all woman, least they be made a mockery of! :)

  7. Great starter list. I would add hosiery to the criteria.

    There was a comment yesterday about the compilation of yearbook femulators that I would like to follow up on here.

    "If there are any readers of 'Femulate' who have been shown in any of the 'womanless pageants' or have found old photos of their yearbook femulations, please consider contacting Stana either with a comment or with an email." Many of us do like Stana's posts about the pageants or other femulation events and it would be nice to get your input.


  8. i would give anything to be in one of these events - based on 99% of the photos, i believe i could win hands-down (hands with long polished nails, and pretty rings, that is). So could anyone who took pains to be as truly Feminine as possible, not just a parody of Femininity. i'm so glad Stana is setting a higher standard for publishing these pictures.

  9. Stana,

    I am glad you have standards now because some of the womanless events you have previously linked made me want to cover my eyes and I love looking at womanless events.

  10. The Femulate Standards are definitely well written
    and conceived. Well done!

  11. I compiled only the best of my large collection of Womanless event photos (weddings, fashion shows, beauty contests, etc.) Please feel free to download any of them you like and keep them circulating among Womanless event fans. (PS---no beards, no hairy legs; on good attempts and successes at femulation by ordinary fellows. No drag shows or professionals.)

    Look on Flickr for Mary Smith111

  12. How wonderfully refreshing to see standards that celebrate the feminine and not make a circus of it. Some of the events have "men in dresses" facial hair, body hair, yuck. Even though I wear pantyhose, todays ladies mostly don't, unless in a business setting. I guess if ya "Got the gams". The whole idea is to celebrate the girl inside and to make her as comfortable as one can. I simply love dressing up to the best I have. It is what makes us real.
    Best Regards,

  13. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    "Femulate Her" and "Her Too" would be a wonderful inspiration to strive for.