Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Weird Ones

I often search eBay looking for images that depict femulation.

Occasionally, some of the images I find are so weird that I cannot figure out what was the intention of the image or what was the image actually depicting.

I came across two such images during my eBay search this week.

Here is the first one.

It is a postcard from the 1930s or 1940s. Both persons are wearing male clothing except for their shoes, which are women's high heel pumps. The person on the right is wearing what looks like a Zoot suit. Both persons have male haircuts and both look like they are wearing makeup. "Myrtle" is folding a handkerchief, which I assume is object referred to in the text "I Know What It's For."

My guess is that the postcard depicts two female-to-male crossdressers getting ready to go out and one is telling the other that she knows what a handkerchief is for.

Does anyone have a better idea what this is all about?

The second image that baffled me this week is a photograph from the UK circa 1920.

It depicts a group of men in white dresses, hosiery, and shoes. They have men's haircuts that have been feminized by combing the hair over their ears.

The seller on eBay states that the outfits may be "women's tennis clothes," but I see no evidence of tennis equipment.

I have no clue about what this image depicts --- do you?


  1. Could it be a photo of "Much ado about nothing!"?

  2. dianegirl44April 15, 2012

    Would it be Femulating crickets players?

  3. The second might be more of a lawn bowling club. Participants are expected to wear white and the outfits are in tune with what women would have worn in the 1920s ot 1930s. Perhaps it was a "womanless" women's event for some reason???

  4. Maybe the first refers to the "handkerchief code"?

  5. Somehow it makes me think its a coffee break in a movie set somewhere. They just look like they belong there and are oblivious to anything unusual.