Monday, April 30, 2012

Shopping at the Barn

Out en femme last Tuesday, I bought three pairs of leggings at Macy's. When I took my leggings home, I realized that I needed a new top or two to wear with my leggings, so I added tops to my to-buy list for the next time I go shopping.

I also noticed that I the majority of my dresses are blacks, grays, and browns, so I also added "colorful dresses" to my to-buy list.

Today, I realized that in two weeks and two days, I will be traveling to Dayton for the Hamvention and time was a'wasting to buy clothes for the trip.

So at lunch time, I grabbed my to-buy list and my Dress Barn dressbarn scratch-off discount coupon and went shopping at the Barn in boy mode.

Saleslady Laura did not bat an eye when I told her I was shopping for myself and she helped me pick out a slew of tops and dresses to try on and that I did.

After tryong on about six tops and eight dresses, two tops and four dresses made the initial cut.

I eliminated one top because I thought it was too pricey and too see-through and I eliminated one dress (navy blue with white polka dots) because it was not "colorful."

My scratch-off coupon only saved me 15%, but I did qualify for a free journal.

Here is what I bought:

Floral Cardigan and Tank Duet (top left). Gracing a tropical wash of watercolors, lacy silver-flecked blooms taper off into ruffling lace-trimmed sleeves and a fluid pointed hem. Attached lace-trimmed tank. Short tiered sleeves. Pointed hem.

I think this duet will go nicely with my black leggings that have lace on the hem.

Collared Floral Dress (top right). Circled by a bright buttoned collar, summery shades of peonies and apple blossoms bloom atop the panels that ring the neck of this shift. 41" length from shoulder to hem. Nonfunctional button on collar. Center back zip.

This dress is so cute; it just skims the top of my knees.

Abstract Cap-Sleeve Dress (bottom left).Gentle gathers crisscross at the bust of a cap-sleeve sheath covered in abstract confetti of watery hues that ripple into a fluid skirt.44" from shoulder to hem. Lined bodice, light shoulder pads. Pull over.

The photo does not do this dress justice. It is hugs my figure, covers my knees (yeah - I know - unheard of), and the color looks great on me.

Bordered Abstract Dress and Bolero Duet (bottom right). This flared frock's leafy splashes of color are complemented by a matching grosgrain ribbon belt and bright bolero. 44" length from shoulder to hem. Hidden back zip with hook-and-eye at top on dress. Fully lined dress; elbow-length sleeves on sweater.

This dress is probably my favorite purchase of the day. The skirt of the dress flares out more than the photo indicates and it looks so good without the bolero, I wear the dress without it.

Now I think I am all set for Dayton except for packing.


  1. I have two similar to theBordered Abstract Dress and Bolero Duet (bottom right) and I like wearing them in the hot weather. Has been on the cool side lately, but know that the hot and humid weather will be here soon!

  2. Diane SmithApril 30, 2012

    Although I like to think I can shop anywhere, I've had some of my best experiences ever at Dressbarn (as they prefer to spell it nowadays). For whatever reason, they seem to be consistently one of the friendliest stores around, and have never hesitated to help me and let me try on clothes no matter how I'm presenting. - Diane

  3. Are you going to do the whole Hamvention en femme?

  4. Anonymous --- Yes, just as I did the past two Hamventions, 24/7 en femme en Dayton.

  5. Just want to say, YOU GO GIRL! You have my utmost admiration for crossing the line!

  6. OH! I have to say first hand, (I know two sales girls, one of them tg) that dress barn gets it!

  7. Great score at Dressbarn. I like all 4 items with my favorite being the blue dress.

  8. AnonymousMay 01, 2012

    Dressbarn like Nordstoms and MAC seem to have a educated their SA's about TG people.

    I too have had nothing but positive experiences there. I always tell first timers go to Dressbarn.

    I have to laugh when they say "should I tell them it's for my wife or GF" No honey just say it's for yourself, Your transgendered that's OK now lets find a nice dress to wear!!!

  9. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    I've had consistently good experiences at the Lord and Taylor's in the Fair Oaks Shopping Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

    Pam Haynes

  10. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

    Bordered Abstract Dress and Bolero Duet (bottom right). this dress is Gorgeous with a capital G . the bolero would atract me also because I am a little self Conscious about my arms and shoulders and when I say a Little ......!

  11. I neded to go to dress barn then for myself.