Thursday, April 5, 2012

How High?

Another Update: Here is a link to the full version of original article. Seems like the first time you visit that link, the full article shows up, but subsequent visits asks you to subscribe. The website must be setting a cookie, so read it the first time and don't click back.

Update: The link I included here yesterday worked for me, but not for you! I just updated the link and hope it works for you this time.

High heels seem to be the theme this week.

Hot on the heels of two shoe posts here, The Wall Street Journal has an article today titled "Pushing High Heels to the Limit."

The article considers the question, "How high can a killer heel go—without killing your feet?"

Here is a link to the article which "will be available to non-subscribers of the Online Journal for up to seven days." So read it now or regret missing it later.

Thank you Sandy and Wertand for alerting me to this article.


  1. Stana...

    Sadly, the link doesn't seem to bring up the article.

    Any chance of a new link?

    Thanks, Cindy

  2. here is the correct link to the article
    Barbra Anne

  3. The LINK you provided sent me to an email button thing.

    I cut and pasted the title of the article and I guess I ended up reading a different article about prom dresses which said nothing about heels. That article was also revealing. LOL!

    I learned I'm not alone regarding high heels, short shorts, or revealing skirts, just like a real woman/girl. LMAO!

    Good writing, Stana.

  4. Unfortunately, the direct link to the article from the comment above requires me to register to read the entire article. The updated link in your post sends me to a hilariously bad re-translation of the article ("Rossi's fall collection" becomes "his tumble collection").

    Still a great find, especially for us girls who love the highest heels we can stand in!

  5. If any readers want a laugh, follow that link! The translation to something and back to English is pretty funny.