Friday, April 13, 2012

Teen Pageant

Cheryl e-mailed me links to photos and videos from the 2012 Groovy Teen Pageant, which occurred at Glenvar High School in Salem, VA, on March 2.

Some of the femulations were so good that there may be a few future Miss Universe contestants in that group.

This link includes photos and videos of the pageant. 

This link has photos only. 

An aside...

When I was in school, I was unaware of womanless pageants. And even if I had the opportunity to participate in one, I think I would have been too self-conscious to do so and out myself in the process.

Which reminds me of Spanish class...

In my high school, they held an annual "Spanish Night," costume party for all the students who took Spanish. The theme of the costumes was something Spanish.

One day in class a few days before the party, my Spanish teacher asked me if I was planning on wearing a seniorita costume. I guess she picked up on my femininity and decided to tease me about it.

I had no plans to wear a seniorita costume. Instead, I dressed as a Cuban revolutionary in military fatigues, Ridgeway cap, fake beard, and cigar. My costume was a big hit.

Another boy did show up in bad seniorita drag. He was a shy, quiet kid and I sensed that he regretted his costume choice. I wonder whatever became of him/her.


  1. The brunette in the black is really pretty.

  2. Stana, thanks for publishing these wonderful links on Womanless pageants. The photos don't do justice to some of the boys but the brunette in the black gown is stunning. I think he went all out as his legs look very smooth. Maybe he is on the swim team, LOL!
    Kudos to Cheryl for doing the research on WPs, I always appreciate the views

  3. Some of them seem to be really having fun with huge smiles on their faces.

  4. Hudson is a hottie. Next step "T-Girl of the Month"? Hopefully he realizes his potential...

  5. I think the "Walk a mile..." events though for a great cause give me the willies when I contemplate entering one, not unlike that spanish class. I think folks may sense the real me and out I would be, therefore I don't. Seems they kind of portray strippers anyway. It is for a great cause though.

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  7. It's nice to see that most of them did a very good job on their feminization. To me, seeing men wearing a dress with hairy legs and beards makes a mockery of women.


    1. It still astonishes me that these pageants with such convincing makeovers are occurring in relatively conservative areas. In this seemingly 'liberal' area the womanless pageant (sadly) has not yet taken hold. I am curious about why this is the case. I echo the comments about the beards and hairy legs...

  8. get ready for the 2013 grovvy teens pageant will be held tomorrow evening!!! :)

  9. get ready for the 2013 groovy teens pageant will be held tomorrow evening!!! :)

  10. it's so lovely seeing these men looking so beautiful and feminine .