Friday, March 23, 2012

Stana Has a Random Moment

If you are stuck in a wardrobe rut, Ginger Burr has a solution on her Nurturing Beauty Style Secrets Blog today: 3 Key Steps to Creating Visual Interest in an Outfit.

I don't have a middle name, but I kind of like the name Jacqueline. I came up with that after a woman at the True Colors Conference last Saturday said that the dress I wore looked like something Jacqueline Kennedy would have worn. I like that.

Over on The Huffington Post, Greg Voakes writes that a "Study Finds Increasing Support for Transgender Rights in the U.S.," which is good news indeed.

Looking forward to a big night out next Saturday when I will get dressed to the nines to attend the annual banquet of the Connecticut Outreach Society. Did I mention that I will be performing during the Follies portion of the banquet? I have lip-synched to tunes in past banquet Follies, but this year I plan to do something completely different. Stay tuned for a full report after the fact.

That was Tina Fey gracing my Wednesday post, Passes with Glasses. I like her glasses so much that I may order a pair like hers from By the way, they have a sweet deal for first time buyers: free frames.

Last night I dreamed that I wanted big breasts. Awake, I never desired big breasts, so go figure.


  1. Love Stana's random moments. great fix up the wardrobe advice, Mention of my favorite first lady! Stana Jacqueline! nice ring! I'm not to keen on Tina Fay, but definitely going for the glasses offer. And I hope you have a marvelous time at your COS affair! I so need a gala night out! as for big breasted dreams... no comment!lol

  2. I had to lol when I read this post, Stana. I have always had plenty of dreams about how I would absolutely die to have obscenely big boobs but I also wish my testicles were gone!

    Break a leg for your performance at COS! I can't wait to read about it.

  3. We share a non-middle name. I wonder if it's indicative ~ maybe not having a middle name makes you more likely to be T.

    Hey, I may have a book idea here! :D

  4. Between my given first name, my baptismal middle name, my confirmed second middle name and my ethnic surname my signature would contain 30 letters. It has been reduced to a mere scrawl that no human can read.
    When I needed to adopt a femme name I went short, sweet and somewhat androgenous ~Pat~.
    If someone were conflicted and having a hard time choosing a femme name from two finalists then perhaps going with a middle name makes sense. As for me I am a simple person.