Friday, March 9, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

misster-teen-redfield-2012-03-09 Aunty Marlena sent me two links (1 and 2) to the Misster Teen Redfield womanless pageant, which was held at Redfield Junior High School (RJHS) in Arizona.

Visiting the school’s Facebook page, I discovered two links (1 and 2) for the Misster Redfield womanless pageant (Warning: bearded femulators).

Seems that two womanless pageants are conducted on the same night: one for the male students at RJHS and one for the fathers of the students at RJHS.

The femulations were average, but my kudos go out to the student who won the teen division of the pageant. Instead of a wig, his own hair sported a female do and his makeup was perfect (see the accompanying photo).


  1. The Bigwood Twins? BIGWOOD? Really? Too funny. . . .

  2. A lot of the dresses look good. But the boots...YUCK!

  3. He must have paid to have someone do his hair and makeup. It looks too good for an amatuer. Love his hairstyle!